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Hungry to Succeed Tip Sheet

Tricia Ryan

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Seven tips to help ensure your emails are delivered, opened and read.

Are you an e-marketer who wants to make more sales and profits without spending a dime more on advertising? Then get customers salivating for your product or service using email as the lead method to drive your online success. Email is the inexpensive marketing channel that allows you to speak directly to prospects and customers and carry on a relationship that contributes directly to sales.

Give email a starring role in your ebusiness. Yes, your website is important. But email, used properly, can take on the starring role as your primary sales tool. As a high response medium, email sells, promotes, informs, creates buzz, acquires and retains customers, reinforces branding and provides customer service, all in one swoop.

Email is still the Internet's killer application because it works. Forget the prediction that with stuffed email boxes and spam filters that block even legitimate messages from getting through, email marketing is on the way out. Not so.

That said, gone are the days when a marketer could simply compose a message, click “Send" and expect everyone on your mailing list to receive and respond. Think about your own online habits. For most, email still is a private, personal space, and most people don't want strangers invading their privacy. Only friends, colleagues and select businesses are invited in.

With that in mind, it's important to ensure your emails are the “invited" kind, and that they are delivered, opened and read. So here are seven tips to make your email marketing campaigns more effective:

If your email list is large, break up your mailings into smaller batches (usually 50 and under).

Keep your SUBJECT line personal and friendly (e. g. use a recipient's first name).

Keep your SUBJECT line message short, but compelling.

Avoid using many of the common spam words and phrases (e. g. Amazing, Buy now, Congratulations, Free, Great offer etc. )

Be creative in your spelling for those words that may be identified as spam (e. g. FR*EE).

Use a spam check service (e. g.

Use a deadline in your offer, if possible.

Consider adding audio or video to your emails participation is enhanced.

Who knew there were so many ways to increase the opportunities to get your marketing email delivered, opened and read?

Will every tip or suggestion listed here work every time? It all depends on your target audience, their frame of mind, your offer, and how well you know them. (And of course, the effectiveness of their spam filters. )

Again, email is simply another marketing channel to carry on a relationship with your prospects and customers. And it still works, so try some these suggestions in your next mailing. We've still got more tips and tactics to help you improve your email marketing, so stay tuned for part two of this tipsheet newsletter.

Good luck building your business, and as always, if you know of someone who would benefit from this tipsheet, please pass it along to them, but then ask them to sign up for free subscription themselves. You can do that here.

Your friend,

Tricia Ryan

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