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Starting an Internet Business for Under $100


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Can you really start an internet business under $100? Yes, with a number of turnkey internet businesses you can. Of course, you still have the additional costs associated with starting and maintaining business in general. Examples could include telephone service, business licenses and/or incorporation fees, etc. But in this article we are only going to focus on the cost of purchasing the turnkey internet business itself.

If you are not familiar with a turnkey internet business here is a brief description: An internet business where all of the “heavy lifting" has been done for you. For example, with a number of turnkey internet businesses you do not need your own website, you do not need a merchant account, you do not need your own products, etc.

Compared to setting up your own internet business from scratch, a turnkey internet business can be much less expensive. Here are five areas where it can save you money when getting started in internet marketing:

1) No website is required. This can save you about $50-400 a year in hosting and other fees depending on which provider you use. Most turnkey internet businesses have a professionally designed site you can send visitors to. That means a savings of up to $250 (or more) in web design fees - unless you have the time, software and skills to design your own website.

2) No merchant account is required. If you have a turnkey internet business you probably don't need to set up a merchant account to accept credit cards online. This can save you up to $50 or more.

3) No reseller rights to purchase. The better turnkey internet businesses will come with links that direct your customers to existing info product sales pages. You don't need to pay any “reseller" rights fees, etc. each month. This can save you roughly $25 or so a month.

4) No fulfillment expenses. If your turnkey internet business is directing visitors to your affiliate link then you don not have to worry about setting up a secure download link and “protecting" the information product from theft. If you did, you would probably pay around $100 or more for security software.

5) No autoresponder is needed. Autosresponders allow visitors to your website to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to your ezine newsletter - and you definitely want one if you have your own website. A reliable autoresponder service runs about $20 a month or $240 a year. If you don't have a website then you will not need an autoresponder.

So as you can see, setting up and maintaining a website can run as much as $450-800 up front and about $45 a month for additional services (actual costs may be higher or lower). However, with a number of turnkey internet business you can get started for a one-time payment of less than $100 in some cases - and no other monthly fees (unless you decide a specific service is worthwhile).

When you compare the turnkey internet business's price tag of under $100 to the cost of starting and maintaining your own website, the turnkey internet business doesn't look like bad deal at all.

At this point may be asking: “Why would someone bother creating their own website instead of simply purchasing a turnkey internet business?" That's a valid question, and here's one answer: If you set up your own website, you have more control over how it looks, what products to sell, marketing options, and the potential for more revenue.

So if you're skilled at setting up a websites, writing sales copy, setting up a payment processing system, choosing the right products, writing an ezine newsletter on a regular basis, and installing security software to protect your download page - then setting up your own website may be the way to go. Provided you also have the money to set up and maintain your website.

However, if you're just starting out in internet marketing, and don't have much time or money then let someone else take care of the technical (and costly) aspects - so all you have to do is focus on driving internet traffic to your turnkey internet business. And if you can purchase a turnkey internet business for less than $100, why not?

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Why Starting An Internet Business Could Be Good For You
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