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Worldwide Brands- Keeping Your Pants In The World Of Wholesale - A Look At Worldwide Brands Et Al.


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The wholesale world can scare anyone’s pants off – with so many pitfalls, is this really a good way to make money? In this article we’ll have a look at what to watch out for, what to look for in a good wholesale company, which one has the biggest real list, and what to do to avoid being scammed (and keeping your pants on. ) After having read this article you will be much better prepared to go on your journey in the wholesale business.

What to watch out for. If you found a company selling turnkey business with a ready-made web page and products that you just can buy from them – watch out! These guys are adding an extra middleman (themselves) between you and the real wholesaler, plus charging you for the web site, their “service” and possibly even advertising costs. Using this system is worthless since the profit you can make is absolutely minimal, if not a big red number.

The Cheapskate trap. There are people out there trying to sell you lists of wholesalers’ dirt cheap (even less than $10!). So what can you expect to get from a list that cheap? Nothing worth your time, that’s for sure. You will even end up wasting your time with these old lists of a few hundred randomly listed companies. If your time is worth anything, stay away from these.

Don’t think it ends there. Other ways these operations do is to charge for a membership in order to sell their products. Come on, give me a break. They charge YOU to SELL their products? Why would they do that? It could have something to do with the fact that their products are un-sellable junk or are way too expensive.

OK, good! Now you know what to watch out for! But you need more; you need to know what to look for in a good wholesale list. I have put together a quick 4-step list of questions that you should ask when looking for a company:

*Reputation, do your due diligence, search online to see what others have written about the company you wish to use to buy your whole sale listings. One thing to look for is certificates such as “eBay Certified Solution Provider”. Another thing is to see if they list any company who wants to be on your list, or if they have to pass rigorous tests to make sure they are legitimate manufacturers and distributors. I know for a fact that Worldwide Brands (link to my blog) does this.

*Large list of products (or make that Huge). There is no reason you should pay for small or medium lists. Check that the company has a huge list with loads of categories

*Ease of use. There is no point in having a text-file with one million wholesale companies sitting on your hard drive. Have a look at the site – is it professional? Is it easy to find the product and categories you are looking for? It should be. If not, move on.

*They want YOU to succeed. How can you tell they care about their customer and not just that one time sale? It’s not that hard, listen to what sort of language they use to “talk” to you. Do they offer any free e-books or instructions to help you get started and to succeed? When searching for companies that fill this criterion I found one, so I added a link to three free (really good) e-books about starting an internet business, finding products to sell and other useful topics. Feel free to grab these for yourself.

So there we have it, hopefully this article will help you to get the most out of your money when researching for real, legitimate whole sale directories. You should know what to look for in a good company, and you should know the warning signs so you will not end up a scam victim.

Markus Wahlgren is an online author and marker who runs the wholesale blog Worldwide Brands Review where everyone interested in getting started in buying cheap whole sale products and selling them on, can get useful free e-books, videos and articles and steer clear of scams and bad directories.


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