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Customer Service Tips


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One of the best customer service tips is so simple: know your clients and have a good relationship with them. Do not focus your efforts in acquiring new clients when you are careless of your actual clients. Other tips are:

A “complaint" can be move on to “customer satisfaction". A complaint is perceived for many people as a negative. However, it could be a great opportunity to show the client how responsible and reliable is your company. Good answer to a client complaint about a failure can increase the client satisfaction level.

Take care of relationships. You are in relationship with your client, no matter if you do something or not. Traditionally, the customer handled the relationship. He or she buys your product or service or not. However, knowing your customer you can co-manage the relationship to the benefit of both parts.

If your customer representative has no good relationship with a client, change him or her. Many times, you have customer service representative with a great performance but he or she has no good relationship with a client. It is always better to change the representative. In addition, is even better if the client can participate in the designation of his new contact.

Handle the three dimensions of a customer relationship. A relationship has three dimensions. The first dimension is timeframe. The second is the amplitude or quantity of different products the client buys. The third is the depth or quantity of each product.

Segment clients by profitability. You cannot deliver the same customer service to every client. You have clients more and less profitable. The clients must be classifying by profitability and be serving in different ways.

Pay attention to ROI but also to ROR. Return on relationship (ROR) measures the profitability of each relationship with a customer. Every relationship can increase in profitability with adequate strategies.

Be customer-driven not product-driven. Products can change, and you also can change your products providers, but your clients should remain in your company.

A lost client can be recovered. It is easier and cheaper to fix a relationship with a lost client than acquire a new client. In companies with client’s recovery plans, the return on investment is higher than the acquisition plans.

A complaint is a gift. Clients that do not talk are the worst thing for companies. If your company receives complaints is a sign that people feel that they will be listened. When you do not receive complaints, you cannot do anything to fix client problems, and you can lose him or her. Without complaints, you do not know where you are having problems, and you cannot improve your customer service.

Empower customer service representatives. Customer service employees must have the authority, the skills, and the attitude to find solutions to client problems. If they can make decisions, they will resolve the problems faster and better.

Remember that customer service tips can help you to improve your customer service, but if you talk and you know your clients, you did the most important task to customer satisfaction.

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