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Aleem Khan

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In a previous article I wrote about a guy selling swords online. Who wants to buy a sword? Would it be safe to say not most people? However there is a small market for it. Now when I say small, I mean as a percentage of the world Internet population, that could be a couple hundred thousand, which isn't bad for a small business. The Internet has become the perfect place for ‘narrowcasting’ - the new opposite of broadcasting.

So if it is indeed true that there is a buyer for everything, there is no better place to set up your niche store than on the Internet. It's international, open 24 hours a day and is effectively reaching the highly coveted niche markets. The Internet has the power to convert your backyard organic mushroom farm into a million-dollar business.

I am told that there are people out there to buy even dried coconut husks. They may not be anywhere near you but the Internet allows you to reach people around the globe.

Just look at the kinds of things mankind has been trained to buy that we never thought of buying before: water, coals, manure. All of a sudden the air you breathe isn't clean enough. Air purifiers are successfully marketed on and offline.

So think about what you want to sell and how you're going to market it to the world because that's where your customers are going to be from.

Aleem Khan, a senior partner at Breaking News , is one of the few people in the world with a four letter domain name bn. gs. He is an accredited Agent of the International Internet Authority who speaks Spanish, French and English.


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Niche Marketing - 2 Killer Tips to Dominate Your Internet Niche Market
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