How To Write Your Ebook in 5 Easy Steps


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Ebooks are one of the best ways to make money on the Internet right now. It seems everyone has their own ebook but it's true, everyone has at least one ebook inside of them.

Whatever you do in life and wherever you go, you build and absorb knowledge. Though, some people think what they know is not important or people would never buy a book about what you know. You'd be surprised.

There are people who are waiting for your knowledge right now, in some cases what people know isn‘t readily available on the online and a large group of people are just waiting to grab up your knowledge bundled inside an ebook.

Many ebook authors write about a wide range of subjects such as photography, architecture, travel, collecting and any other subject you can think of and they make money doing it too.

If you're thinking of writing an ebook don’t keep your knowledge to yourself, make your knowledge sell. But before selling your knowledge to thousands of potential customers you need to consider some important general points:

1. Choose Your Topic

There are a variety of topics you can write about. Anyone can write about virtually anything, even though you can write about anything write about what you know. Everyone has an ebook inside of them because everyone knows about a certain topic. Stick to your area of expertise.

2. Research Your Audience

You can write the best ebook on your topic but if no one is searching for that topic your ebook won‘t sell. Before picking a topic asks yourself:

-Will this ebook sell?
-Is there a ready and waiting market?
-If so, where are these people located on the internet?

Do keyword research with various tools such as Overture and Wordtracker.

3. Target Your Niche With Precision

Target a tightly focused niche in your topic area. Don’t try to target everyone on the Internet. Targeting your niche market is twice as easy when you are a member of your target market. Writing about what you know also makes the marketing process easier because you know exactly where to go to promote your ebook and where your audience is.

If you find your topic has too much competition, think about what you can do to stand above the rest. How can you approach the subject differently to stand out? Consider taking promotional methods offline.

4. Write For Your Readers, Not Yourself

Readers of your ebook could care less about you, they are looking for information and potential solutions about your topic- and they want these solutions fast. It’s fine to include a few sentences about yourself and/or your website in the very beginning of your ebook, but going on and on about yourself will waste your readers time and most likely annoy them.

Also, Don’t list each and every little thing you know about your subject in your ebook. All too often ebook authors try to cram everything they know into their ebook. Readers don’t want to waste time reading over unnecessary details. Write about the most important parts of your subject and get to the point of each part.

5. Spell Check

Most readers will not be happy if they bought an ebook filled with spelling mistakes. If your copy is filled with spelling mistakes your visitors will flee and you most likely won’t get any sales. Spelling mistakes will ruin your long-term publishing image. Who would want to buy products from someone who can’t even spell? Don’t only settle for running it through the spell checker, have another person check over your work for any mistakes.

With these five tips you should be on your way to producing a successful ebook.

Elliot Hanson is an entrepreneur and educator whose perspectives are changing the way people think about money and life. You can find more of his writing on internet business at and subscribe to his free ezine.


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