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Clear history to protect privacy


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According to recent news, the personal computer has become more personal as the years go by. People are placing more information on their computer hard drives than ever before. But this way is not wise. Sometimes a little mistake will expose their privacy. So it is necessary to clear history regularly.

Apparently people are not good at clearing their search history. How to clear history on computer? How to private your privacy? Some information you must know.

Using a kind of software will help you to protect your privacy that no one can get into your system to steal your passwords, user names, account details and so on. Some software has advanced features that can clear history on computer. It includes internet browser history, internet browser cache, cookies, junk files and internet search history.

To delete visited sites history, cookies, temporary internet files, saved passwords and from auto complete, complete the following step:

Open internet explorer and use the Ctrl+Shift+Delete key combination or select ‘Delete Browsing history’ in the Tools menu. Select the browsing history tracks you want to delete and click the ‘Delete’ button.

Of course, clear internet cache is necessary. Internet cache also called temporary internet files. Click the Tools menu—Internet Options choose the General tab. In the Browsing History section, click the Delete Files button. Then check Temporary Internet Files, and click the Delete button.

You should delete internet browser history, visit the Tools section of your browser and clear your history. You also can use software to help you clear internet history. There is much free software which you can download it easily.

Next you should remove cookies, click the Tools in the menu bar and then go to options. The users must be able to select privacy from the list of tabs that is available now. At the next step, user must look for the section that is labeled Private Data and then click on the button called Settings. Ensure that the box next to the tab Cookies is checked; then click OK.

This was all about how to clear history. You can learn about some methods. Hope it helps you clear your browsing history and keeps your privacy.


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Five Ways Your Online Privacy is at Risk And How to Protect Yourself
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