The True Purpose of a Tips Booklet

Paulette Ensign

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"My topic doesn't fit into a how-to tips format. "

That comment shows up periodically, and did again this week. Even when a person has written a novel, there are ways to create a tips booklet that can help market that novel plus become its own new source of revenue. THOSE are the purposes of a booklet.

A booklet is a way for the reader to test out the information of the author, to see if it's something that leads to wanting more of what the author's got. It's a way to gently approach a topic that may be otherwise overwhelming or brand new. It's one format of the material, which can then be embellished, expanded, or otherwise modified by the author.

A booklet is NOT the consummate reference on a given topic. A tips booklet, in particular, is NOT a narrative philosophical statement or observation of something. It's a tips booklet, with how-to's in it.

Let's say you wrote a novel, set on a rural farm in midwest America, and you want to sell lots of copies of that novel, which common wisdom says is a challenge to do. One way to do it could be by writing a tips booklet about ways (tips!) to live a happy, fulfilling, and interesting life in rural America, or on a farm. That would certainly give the reader of your book more of a connection to what your book is about, wouldn't it, especially when you include some specific invitation that looks something like “for more about living on a farm in midwest America, you'll enjoy reading our book, “Life in a Corn Field. "

Or you are interested in featuring the accomplishments of some noteable people of current or historical times. Instead of a treatise about them, it could be very useful to create a tips booklet that includes guidance based on what those people did to accomplish what they accomplished, for others to mirror in their own lives.

Once in a rare while there is a topic that simply does not lend itself to a tips booklet. It's usually something in science or math and focused on theory. It's at that moment you'll see a glaze come onto my face. Otherwise, let's talk about what your tips booklet is and can be.

Paulette Ensign has sold well over a million copies of her own tips booklet, “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life, " in four languages and various formats without spending a penny on advertising. From her San Diego, CA-based , she assists individuals and groups transform their knowledge into tips booklets and other information products for marketing, motivating, and making money.


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