Let's Get One Thing Straight About Being A Published Author

Jim Edwards

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Just for fun, evaluate the following statement:

"Most people want to write a book and get it published, but that's simply impossible 99% of the time. "

Is the above statement true?

Not exactly. What's true is that most people THINK they can't write a book and get it published. And while that's a widely-held belief, just the opposite is true.

In fact, it's easier to write and get published today than ever before - especially thanks to the ebook “revolution. " The field of ebooks is literally wide open for all who are interested - including, perhaps, you!

What does it take to write and publish your own ebook?

Three things:

1) A TOPIC you are interested in that others would also like to know more about.

2) The DESIRE to get the ebook written (note - you can write it yourself, but you don't have to. There are other proven and simple ways to get your ebook written and published for you. )

3) A simple, one-page, “sales letter" WEB SITE to sell the ebook.

Does it take a lot of money or any special aptitudes? Oddly enough, not really. You have to be willing to take action, certainly, and learn as you go, but there are no special educational, financial or talent requirements to become a successful ebook author.

The truth is, it costs very little to get started. You can get a domain registered and online for as little as $9 to start and $6 a month for website hosting.

In fact, there are actually six ways you can create an ebook without ever writing a word of it - so you don't need to be a skilled writer. We'll tell you about one of them, in-depth, right now.

Think of a topic you know something about that you'd like to write an ebook on.

Once you have that topic in mind, then all you need to do is write a list of questions other people would pay to get the answers to. . . give that list to a friend. . . have the friend call you on the phone and ask you those questions. . . record the call. . . have the recording transcribed. . . and edit the transcription!

Presto - you've just created a “meaty" ebook fast! (Yes, it really is that simple!)

By the way, if you don't want to transcribe or edit the ebook yourself, you can get both of those things done for you for surprisingly little money. . . as little as a few hundred dollars, total, in many cases.

That's how we wrote our most recent ebook.

As authors ourselves, we came up with a list of questions, got on the phone, recorded the answers, and had the entire 4 1/2 hour conversation transcribed. Using this phone call - transcription - edit route we created an ebook in about a week. It cost us a total of $163 to produce it. (We hired out the transcription, and did the editing ourselves. )

So far we've spent *zero* money on advertising and, as we write this article today, we've sold over $49,683 worth of that ebook in less than six months!

We're not unique in that way. We know many others who have successfully published ebooks - including another small publisher who has used this exact same method to create dozens of ebooks.

If you can clearly understand a specific problem, want, need or desire of a large enough target audience and then create a publication that helps them get what they want, you stand to make a lot of money and help a great number of people at the same time.

If there ever was a “golden age" of publishing, NOW is the time. The truth of the matter is, today anyone can become a published author with an ebook in less than a couple of weeks. Between us, we have 11 ebooks online and we're making money every day, even as you read this.

You can do the same. Opportunity awaits you right now. It's never been easier to seize the day and go for your dream - become a published author!

- by Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel

(c) 2002 - All Rights reserved

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