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The quickest way the write you own eBooks is by using the expert interview process. What I mean by this is, approaching some experts in the field your writing the book on and asking them to agree to do an interview.

If you approach these experts correctly, they will provide you with expert responses to all your questions. You will find these experts by checking search engines or related niche forums.

The easiest way to contact these experts, is by email with a list of questions. Before you submit questions or contact your expert, do your research on him/her. You need to approach these experts correctly therefore you need to consider the following points.

Keep your questions short and too the point: You will turn the person off if you are asking long winded questions, long questions lead to long answers and you don’t want your expert to spend too much time.

Give a good introduction of yourself at the start of the email. You will have a better chance of reply because the respondent can evaluate you.

Take care of spelling and grammar: One spelling/grammar mistake could destroy your chances of getting the interview.

Have a deadline: You must have a deadline. This will help you plan your writing better and it will force your respondent to reply quicker.

Object of the interview: You must let the respondent know what the interview is for. For example is it for an ebook to resell or a free bonus to give away.

Appreciate the respondent: Let the expert know that you are a fan of his/her business or website etc. This helps get a much more positive response.

Something in return: The responder has to get something in return. He/She is not going to give time to do the interview for nothing. An example of an offer would usually consist of offering to share the profits of the ebook.

So believe me when I say this, if you approach these experts correctly you could get a huge volume of feedback and enough material to combine a best selling eboook

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