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In today’s world virtually every human being needs information, regarding a special area in human development or skill. More and more people every day around the world acquire books to help him or her develop in a special skill. It has been discovered that of the 10 million people who use the Internet for various purposes everyday about 7 million search for Information regarding a skill. Whether it is “How To Write A Novel In A Record Time” with the like of “Purple Hibiscus” or Beast Of No Nation” or How To Book on How To Be A Resource Person”. Information Products are becoming a major part of our lives.

With the increase in the rate of knowledge driven books by Individuals and Institutions of Learning and knowing fully well that Information is the strength of any economy of any country. One begins to ask “How Can I Create A Perfect Information Product?”

First We Ask What An Information Product Is.

An Information Product in simple terms is any material in a book form that teaches people how to achieve a particular problem and solve such problems. Information products are in simple terms called HOW TO BOOKS.


To have a success on your business requires your actual products to be at the right place i. e. your choice market. The question would be, where do you find that product? The first thing you would ask is whether you are gong to create your own product, or market someone else’s product. Either way, it is important for you to create and keep a good list of your source where you can search for new ideas and or products. You can get your own list in a number of ways. I have a sample list where your ideas can be gotten from.

1. Public libraries
2. Trade shows.
3. News papers.
4. The Internet.

Of the four mentioned the latter is perhaps the biggest Information port in the world today. Where millions of people are putting up their products and ideas bookmarked as websites that are worth going back to. It is becoming a more user friendly place. Using search engines to find the latest products is an important key in creating your product.

There are many forms in creating your profitable ideas.

1. Alter or improve in any number of different ways some thing that already exists.

2. Invent something. Try to invent something new or make a new arrangement of something that is already invented.

3. Find something that already exist and make its presence like it has never been seen before.

As you “create” ideas, write them down. What you dream up can be your key to great wealth. Keep your mind “open” as you go through each day. Your ideas for improvements are one of the most valuable things you can contribute to society and at the same time add to your bank account. To create ideas for improvements, consider every possible and alternative way in improving your ideas.


If you enjoy writing and you can create your own material, then nothing stops you from creating that perfect book of yours. Always make sure you create a work that you have carefully researched on that should be able to give you that edge over others so what are you waiting for? Start that book of your Now!


Remember that the key to writing a successful book lies in the way you have prepared your self in providing the necessary information required. Your potential customer should be satisfied with the kind of Information he or she requires from our book; your book should be exact and straight to the point. It should also be accessible whether in electronic format. (e-books) or in hard copy. Most readers find it very tiresome in reading too many complex write ups, you should try to remove any ambiguity in your write up, so as to give your customers a relaxed frame of mind.


You can market your materials in several ways.

1. By advertising on News publication and magazines.
2. Through ezines (electronic magazines) on the Internet.
3. Through other peoples opt in list ( i. e. mailing list )

Always give something extra when marketing your products like free e-books CONCLUSION

By reading this INFORMATION, you should now have a better understanding about:

1. Creating, publishing, and profiting from your own Information Product.

2. Learnt a number of ways in creating and getting your ideas, knowing that the Internet is the Information port of the world.

3. Self – publishing your own books ( knowing fully well you can create your own books in any format ).

For detained information on how to create and publish your own information product by the Author visit the web site Uzoma Eze is based in Lagos Nigeria and he is a student of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture In Umudike Abia State Nigeria Tel No. 234-8024795021,234-8052226986 email:


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