How To Create An Ebook & Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site By Giving It Away


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Ebooks or electronic books are self-contained “executable" files of HTML. This HTML may be a web site you've created or HTML you've specifically prepared to be compiled into a downloadable EXE file for distribution. When downloaded, this file will self install on your clients desktop.

Ebooks are completely interactive with the Internet and can contain live links, graphics, forms, JavaScript, embedded video, can be protected via password/userid, search capabilities and more. This self-contained executable file can be distributed in a number of ways, including CD, floppy disk, and download.

Ebooks can provide the Internet marketer one of the best promotional tools online. With its vast variety of uses, just one quality ebook development and distribution can produce an on going promotional tool that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come. Your ebook can literally be viewed by millions simply by giving it away.

Suggested Uses:

  • Marketing - Provide your sales network with your complete sales presentation to freely distribute with their ID to track sales.

  • Promotion - Provide valuable information on a specific subject to bring traffic to your site.

  • Ezine Archives - Ezine publishers can provide their publication archives to enable subscribers to read back issues on their desktop.

  • Catalogs - Provide a catalog of your products for you customers to view on their desktop. You can even provide a form to accept orders right through your ebook.

  • How To Manuals - Provide your affiliates with a complete “how to" manual for marketing, advertising and promoting your products.

  • Electronic Books - Writers can offer their books in an electronic version.

  • Web Site - Create an electronic version of your web site to place on disk and be viewed on your clients’ desktop.

  • Instructional - Provide an electronic training manual.

    Creating an ebook is just like creating a web site. Simply create your HTML pages just like you would for your web site. Make sure you select a good software package that allows you to include hyperlinks, graphics, search, and forms. Keep in mind, the more professional, content rich your ebook, the more exposure it will receive.

    There are several software packages available online to assist you in compiling your ebook:

    E-ditor (Recommended)
    This is a nice ebook compiler that includes a step by step interface that will guide you through the entire process. Unlike other programs, this compiler comes with five “skins" to enable your ebooks to have a unique look. It also includes a pop-up message box that loads prior to your ebook loading when your ebook is launched. This box can contain system requirements, copyrights or whatever text you'd like. Cost: $97.00

    Ebook Edit Pro (Highly Recommended)
    This is a great ebook compiler. Not only is it easy to use, but it also includes a pop-up message box that loads prior to your ebook loading. In addition, you can display your own product icon and select the buttons you would like to be displayed such as, navigational, print and home buttons. It also has an added feature that enables you to include an affiliate ID within every ebook you create and make money for referral sales. As an added bonus for purchasing this great compiler, you will also receive an “eBrand-It" software that will enable you to set up special fields so that your affiliates can customize your ebook. A free demo is available. This is a great compile. Cost: $87.50

    Activ Ebook (Recommended)
    This program isn't as easy as E-ditor Pro or Ebook Edit Pro, but with the aid of the instructions you can easily create a nice ebook. The great thing about this compiler is that it assigns an ESBN number to each ebook you compile. In addition, this great compiler will also enable you to create a “Rebranding" software. This additional software can be used to enable your users to modify parts of the ebook that you specify without recompiling. It also has a free demo that is fully functional for up to 10 files to be compiled (including graphics). You can create and distribute ebooks with the free demo, but you must register the software if you'd like to sell your ebooks. Cost: $29.95

    For massive exposure, select a subject with a broad appeal. If your sites focus is on web site traffic, consider creating an ebook on generating traffic. I. E. “A complete “how to" guide to generating massive traffic to your site. " Include several references to your site throughout your ebook, such as “For even more great traffic generating tips, visit “Traffic Tips. " Your complete source for generating massive traffic to your web site." or “Winning awards can dramatically increase traffic to your site. For a complete listing of award sites, visit “Traffic Tips Award Sites"

    Tips for creating your Ebook:

  • Create a directory on your computer to include ALL the files for your Ebook. These files will include HTML, graphics, backgrounds, etc.

  • Include good navigational links throughout your pages.

  • Use spell check to search for any possible spelling errors.

    For massive distribution, make sure you include a short paragraph on your main page in regard to your copyrights and distribution. For example, if you're allowing your ebook to be freely distributed, let your readers know by including, “This Ebook may be freely distributed, " on your main page.

    Sample Example of Distribution:

    10 of your visitors download your ebook.
    Your 10 visitors each give away 10 ebooks - 100
    Those 100 each give away 10 ebooks - 1000
    Those 1000 each give away 10 ebooks - 10,000
    Those 10,000 each give away 10 ebooks - 100,000
    Those 100,000 each give away 10 ebooks - 1,000,000

    This is just a small example of how powerful your free Ebook can be. . .

    For further information on ebook publishing, read the article series titled, “Ebooks: Self-Publishing Your Way to Internet Success.

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    About the Author:

    Shelley Lowery is the author of the acclaimed web design course, “Web Design Mastery" ( ) and “eBook Starter - Give Your eBooks the look and feel of a REAL book" ( )

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