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Ebooks have become one of the most popular ways to distribute information on the Internet. But coming up with interesting ebooks that people want and will pay for is sometimes difficult. So how do you come up with a popular ebook subject?

First here are a few things to avoid. The How to make Money type of ebook is popular but also overdone. There are thousands of these types of ebooks. Unless you are a super expert, have a very unique moneymaking topic or method, or think you can do a better job than the existing ebooks I recommend that you avoid this subject.

Another thing that may be difficult for beginning writers to sell is fiction. Yes there are successful fictional ebooks. But most fiction writers might have difficulty in getting a lot of sales. But if your heart is set on fiction then by all means go for it.

How to ebooks are very popular because people are always looking for ways to improve their life or learn new things. A “How to do Something" type of book simple provides clear instruction about a particular topic. Can you explain how to do something in a clear and easy to understand manner? If so then you could create a successful ebook. Here are six methods for getting how to ebook ideas.

1. Listen to what people are talking about. What would they like to learn about? What current events could be made into an ebook. Example: How Baby Boomers Can Prepare For Retirement. Many popular books came about because someone suggested it. So ask other people what they would like to read about.

2. Scan the bookseller web sites and book stores. Look for titles that are popular and that interest you. Can you write a similar book with your own unique way of explaining how to do the topic? Has the subject already been overdone or is there room for your own unique ebook? One of my first popular books was “How To Get Rich With Computers" the idea came from the popular Melvin Powers book “How To Get Rich in Mail Order".

3. Do an inventory of your own experiences. Example Do you grow great garden vegetables? Perhaps you could tell how in an ebook.

4. Pick a subject that you would like to learn about. Then research the topic throughly and get some experience. If you can get excited about the subject will be much easier to complete the writing.

5. Get out and about and look for potential book ideas. Visit the library and read a few interesting books and magazine articles. Go to local speeches and presentations. Talk to a wide variety of people. Book ideas can come from almost anywhere if you are looking for them. Always have a pen and notepad available to write down your ideas.

6. Do you have a pet peeve or problems that you have overcome? Then perhaps others would like to hear how you solved that problem. Example “How You Can Get A Better Job.

For beginning writers the best ebook topics will come from their own experiences. In other words a subject that they already know a lot about. After the first successfully ebook your second one will be easier.

Coming up with a of 4-5 potentially good ebook ideas is not really too difficult. You will then need to evaluate each idea and pick out the one that best suits your objectives. Once you decide upon a topic decide if you are willing to make the necessary commitment. Writing a great ebook takes a good deal of time and effort. But I am convinced that the average person can create a good How to ebook if they are willing to do the necessary work.

The most important factor for ebook success is quality. There are thousands of ebooks available on the Internet, but only a small percentage of them are really good. So once you have your ebook's subject, concentrate on quality.

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