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Successful Ebook Writing - Revealed! Research Topics Before Writing Ebooks

Beverly K Taylor

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Write Your Ebook in a Manageable Size

Research shows that people prefer reading ebooks written in a manageable size for them.   Broad topics divided down into individual, manageable sizes looks more appealing than a large voluminous ebook.    Dividing a broad topic into manageable size also makes writing the ebook faster for you.   Remember these tips when writing your ebook and your target market will feel pleased.

Due to people's busy schedules and aging factors, writing an ebook in a manageable size feels mentally comfortable for your audience.   Nowadays it seems that people feel overwhelmed so easily that providing a manageable size ebook is helpful to them.

Serving Your Potential Readers

When people get your ebook, they might read it only online.   However, some people might want to print out your ebook.   A printed copy of your ebook can be taken with people while they're waiting in various places.   Think about people standing in line at the driver's license bureau to renew their driver's license.   Or, while they're waiting to get a haircut or a car repair done.  

Writing your ebook in divided, manageable size helps the time pass by more quickly for the reader.   It helps reading comprehension and on remembering what was in the ebook.   So by generating and producing specific topics in an ebook, people can read sections at a time without losing their place.   They know where to start reading again because it's so nicely organized.

Blind People Might Want to Hear Your Ebook

I felt surprised to hear that some people might want to record your ebook onto a CD or in an MP3 form for blind people to hear.   They would buy your free ebook and then record it.   They can read your ebook using special voice recognition software.   Voice recognition software makes recordings for the blind a reality.   It also makes your ebook available on CD for those who are driving or walking wearing a portable CD player.   Writing your ebook in divided manageable steps can be very advantageous for many reasons.

People Typically Buy Short Length Ebooks

People who buy ebooks typically have a limited attention span.   Writing a huge length ebook can be too much information to remember.   An ebook of a large size may be unattractive or unappealing to many readers having such limited time.   So for many reasons write shorter, specific topic ebooks and get it on the bestseller list.

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Beverly K. Taylor enjoys the benefits of receiving six-figure earnings from residual income, through having home based businesses. She has multiple streams of income, mostly from network marketing and internet marketing. Her commute is down the hall to her home office and she takes time daily for gardening, spending time with friends, family and whatever else she wants to do, as her time is her own. Her desire now is to teach others and she especially loves teaching beginners how to do it easily and quickly.


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Writing eBooks - How To Make Sure Your eBooks Are Successful
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