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How to Sell Your Own E Book Using Killer Sales Copy Sales Letter Techniques You Must Use!

Mark Brock

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Once you have the e-book written, or once you have chosen a product you want to promote as an affiliate, it is time to write the advertisement you will use on the sales page. In order to do this you need to follow simple guidelines and advertising secrets. These are as follows:

- Direct your advertisement to your audience - Although your audience will consist of more than just one person, your advertisement should be directed at each individual that reads it. This is achieved by using words such as ‘you’. Use sentences such as;

'Would you like to learn the secrets that made me a success online? With them you too can earn well over $100,000 each year. '

Notice the use of the word ‘you’ in each of the sentences. This sentence structure is far more effective than simply writing;

'Learn the secrets that made me a success online. I earn over $100,000 each year. '

Although this is impressive, it doesn't offer the reader any hopes that they too may be able to copy this success. By saying that they can learn these techniques and become a success as well ensures that the majority of readers will read on.

- Keep it simple - Don't make the mistake of using words that are too long. Make sure that the average person can understand your advertisement. If someone doesn't understand something, chances are they won't be buying from you. In addition to this, keep your sentences short and to-the-point. Long sentences bore people. Your job when writing your advertisement is to keep people's interest. Long sentences detract from this.

- Use powerful words - Words such as ‘explode', ‘earn', ‘immense', ‘secrets’ and ‘rich’ are examples of words that attract people to your product. An example of these words being used in a sentence could be;

'Explode Your Earnings - Learn the Immense Secrets That Made Me Rich!'

Powerful words should be used throughout your advertisement, just don't go overboard. The example above is a perfect example of an eye-catching headline that can be used to entice people to continue reading your advertisement.

The idea with these words is to keep people interested whilst they read your advertisement. The more interest they have in your advertisement, the more chance you will have of making a sale.

If you can't think of any powerful words that you can use, simply look through any advertisements for products that are similar to the one you're selling. You will be building your list in no time at all.

- Create mental images - When writing your advertisement, use sentences that build a desired picture in the minds of your potential customers. For example, if you are selling a fitness based product, a strong sentence to use would be;

'Imagine how you would feel 20 pounds lighter. Learn techniques today that will help you achieve this. '

Put the image in their minds of them losing that extra weight that they've always wanted to. Using this technique will ensure your potential customers will feel more attached to your product as they begin to associate their desires with your product. Once this association has been established, it becomes much easier to make a sale to that person.

- List the benefits - An important aspect of any advertisement is the list of benefits that the product can offer the reader. The features of the product are unimportant. People only care about what they can get out of using your product. People want to know how your product will make their life better.

Let's take the microwave as an example of a product. An example of a feature that this product offers is that it reduces the time it takes for meals to be cooked, (when compared to an oven). This feature doesn't speak directly to the reader. You need to use benefits. An example of a benefit that could be used to advertise a microwave is that it will drastically reduce cooking times, enabling you more free time to spend doing what you want.

Notice the use of powerful words in the example of a benefit above. The powerful words used here are ‘drastically', ‘reduce’ and ‘free’. Free is quite possibly the most powerful of words. Everybody loves things for free. People pay more attention when the word ‘free’ is mentioned.

Powerful words are more important when listing the benefits than anywhere else in the advertisement.

- Offer a money back guarantee - Your product should come with a 90-day money back guarantee at the very least. Anything less and your customers won't have the time to actually try-out the information properly. This could lead to an influx of refund requests, even if your product is the best thing the world has ever seen! I personally offer a full years’ money back guarantee as it enables my customers more than enough time to try the information out properly. What's more, if you don't feel strongly enough about the information you are selling to at least offer a 90-day money back guarantee, you probably shouldn't sell it in the first place.

If you thought that you weren't going to offer a money back guarantee of any sort, think again. Money back guarantees give people peace of mind. The vast majority of people will refuse to buy anything unless it comes with some sort of money back guarantee. Don't miss out on a sale because you don't have one.

One final note: Don't forget to state in your advertisement that your e-book is totally original and cannot be obtained ANYWHERE else as you are the author. As long as your advertisement is strong enough, this will help you make more sales as people will understand that they can only buy this particular e-book from you. Exclusivity is a major selling point; exploit it!

If you follow these advertising secrets when it comes to creating your very own sales copy you should significantly boost your business’ success rate.

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Lucrative Sales Letter Writing - 4 Steps to Make Money With Sales Letter Writing
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