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Why Read E Books?

Richard Merry

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Since the introduction of e-paper screens in 2004, ebook readers have taken on an air of sophistication. For one thing, we can now all read a book on a screen without going blind which is quite a favourable change. Secondly, it's now possible to have a book collection akin to that of a library without filling your house with bookcases. There is no doubt about it, ebooks are a viable option to reading a tradition paperback. So just when is an e-book feasible and when isn't it?

Well, there are certain things that are just better on a traditional paper book. The first of these are reference style books. A book that you use every now and then to glean a single piece of information is not well suited to an e-book reader; let me tell you for why. Firstly e-book readers are essentially mini computers and as such suffer from loading times and page flip delays: exactly the kind of thing that you don't want when searching for a quick piece of information. Make no mistake about it, a conventional book is still more comfortable but the gap has closed considerably over the last few years.

So why use an e-book at all? I'm sure you've all experienced buying a book, reading it, and storing it away in the corners of your already overcrowded bookshelf knowing full well that you will never open it again. In fact, I do this more often than not and occasionally find myself trying to offload old books via various means. So, little books that you need to read, either for work or your studies are well suited to an ebook reader. If you're somebody that reads a lot and regularly I believe you could really benefit from an e-book reader - I certainly have.

An e-book reader is particularly beneficial for people who travel a lot or people who simply take the occasional holiday and like to take something to read with them. It isn't feasible to take more than one or two books for a travelling person but with and e-book reader this proves to be no problem at all. In fact, with an e-book reader you can take an entire library with you wherever you go and fit it all into a large pocket or a bag - not bad at all.

So e-books certainly come with advantages but don't expect e-books to completely replace books of the paper variety just yet. Though there is one thing for sure, the future is exciting for ebook lovers.

Richard Merry
Ebooks and Readers

My name is Richard Merry and I'm a computer studies graduate. I'm currently studying Spanish though my primary interest remains information technology.

Ebooks and Readers


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