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Maximize Your E Book Sales With Virtual Boxes and 3D Covers


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You've written a great e book. You put your best into it, worked hard, and now you really have something of value to offer in the marketplace. Odds are good that you will sell at least a few copies - you have friends and relatives, after all. Is that good enough for you, especially when it takes only a couple of finishing touches to give your product mass sales appeal? Don't settle. Maximize your e book sales with virtual boxes and 3D covers.

All aspects of the Internet deal with marketing in one vein or another. E books are no different. To make the most sales, you need marketing packaging to enhance not only the visibility and saleability of your e book, but also to establish a price. An item that shines professionally can command a higher price tag, therefore drawing higher profit margins.

To put it another way, imagine going to the store and buying a product with no cover or packaging. Would you be willing to pay top dollar for it? Of course not. Now, take that same product, wrap it in something eye-catching, put it in an attractive box, and you'll be willing to open your wallet a little wider. You will pay more because you believe you are getting equal value for the money you're putting out.

If you're not sure how to go about the process of getting some dressing for your e book, just do a Google search. There are more and more companies, such as Dynamic Covers, that are offering really wonderful dressings for products. You just give them the details of your project, and they will design and deliver to you a finished product. You get to work with a real people, so no worries if you've never done one before. After that, you let the public see a work that you can be especially proud of. Your bank account will thank you, too.

Every marketer knows that presentation is everything. A properly dressed e-product will outsell a plain and drab one every time. It's easy to understand if you stop to think which version you yourself would part with your hard earned cash for. An attractive box and professional e book cover design will transform your product into one that says, “I'm an authority and worth spending money on. "

Considering how easy it is to do, you'd be nuts not to.

Maximize Your e Book Sales with Virtual Boxes and 3D Covers
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By Russ King


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Ebooks - Marketing Techniques To Maximize Sales Part 2 of 2
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