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Useful Strategy on How to Sell Your Ebooks


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Ebook is the buzzword of today and it is fast becoming a potential marketing tool for your products and services. Creating an ebook is easy and inexpensive and, if promoted well, it can catapult you to the zenith of money and fame. Examples are aplenty of authors who have scripted their way to success through publishing their ebooks. The reason why some authors are more successful than others lies in the methods they follow. Here are some tips that can be useful if you want to become a successful writer.

Compile your articles:

Believe it or not, most visitors tend to visit your work more and more when you show them the compilation of your best articles. The compilation helps augment the traffic to your site and therefore, you will have higher chance to sell your products and services. Try to include useful information in your articles that will catch the fancy of your visitors.

Offer sample chapters:

The best way to make your ebook famous is to offer your visitors some sample of your chapters that are a part of your work. When you let the visitors taste the magic of your work through samples, they will be tempted to subscribe to your ebook. Samples often work wonders for your sale.

Submit to directories:

If you submit your ebook to many directories that allow visitors to download ebooks, you can increase the number of your subscribers. Ebook directories act as potential tool for increasing the number of your visitors.

Let them share:

Many successful writers often allow their subscribers to share ebooks with others. This can be easily done by allowing your visitors who download your work to pass them to their friends and other visitors who could be interested. You can also let your ebooks to be rebranded with the help of a link to your visitors` website or affiliate program.

Use it for affiliate program:

Tell your visitors that if they sign up for your affiliate program, you can allow them to use your ebooks after rebranding to promote their site with their new affiliate URLs. This is a great way to attract potential visitors to your site as your existing visitors will definitely talk to others about this great opportunity and encourage them to buy the same ebooks as well.

Offer ebooks as bonus:

You can increase the volume of your sale by offering your ebooks as bonus to your customers. It will not only increase your sale but also add to the credibility and value of your products and services. On the other hand, you can use them to promote back-end products.

Sell the reprint rights:

You can sell the reprint rights to your ebooks to people who are interested in buying and would like charge money for it. When you sell visitors the master reprints rights to your ebooks, there is a mutual benefit. While your buyers enjoy the privilege of selling the master reprints to others, you increase your profit to a great extent.

Selling ebooks is easy if you follow these techniques. However, you should also give importance to the subject matter of your work as well. If you write on topics that are of popular interest, you have won half the battle. A little bit of research is required if you want to know what people are now searching for.

Moreover, you should always remember that you should make your ebooks really accessible. Put them where successful authors are placing. This is why marketing of your ebook products is vital. Once you devise well-planned strategy for your promotion, implement it and you will definitely achieve positive results.

Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for PoloMercantil

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