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Want to Write an E-Book Fast? 3 Steps to Help You Write with Record Speed


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You've got kids. . . a significant other. . . a house to tidy up. . . and an hour-long commute twice a day. No wonder the task of sitting down and writing an eBook looks about as good as skydiving without a parachute.

But trust me when I say that it can be done - yes, even with your busy schedule. How? It's all about acceleration. If you can write fast the task seems far less daunting.

Here are three things you can start doing right now to get in tune with your inner fast writer:

  1. Freely self-medicate yourself. Whether they realize it or not, most writers have some sort of ritualistic habit that helps them stay focused on their writing tasks.

    If I want to write for several hours at a time I need the buzz of an energy drink. I tried espresso once and it was too much of a good thing! Regular coffee doesn't have the same effective zoom factor. Just give me a can a Red Bull and leave me alone with the computer.

    Some writers get that same mental buzz from music. Others need to hear white noise. Chewing on ice did the trick for a friend of mine.

    If you don't know what your ‘writing medication’ is yet, then find it. I guarantee you'll actually be surprised at how quickly your efficiency goes up.

  2. Stop checking your e-mail every 10-minutes. This is usually less of a problem for beginning writers. But once you have an eBook or two under your belt, watch out. You'll want to check your e-mail all the time to see if you've gotten any new orders.

    Not only that, you'll want to check your traffic stats to see how many visitors came to your website. And if you've got a blog you'll also want to check those stats to see which articles are being read the most.

    But that's not all. . . there are at least half-dozen more things you'll find you can add to that list. Combined together they can easily cost you an hour or two a day.

    That's why when I'm writing an eBook, I check my e-mail in the morning, then I check it again before I go to bed. I'll check all other relevant stats once a day. . . and sometimes I won't check them at all.

  3. Ruthlessly organize your ideas. When I first started doing eBooks I would just start writing. There was no rhyme or reason to it. I'd just start typing the first thing that came to mind. Over time I realized this was a huge time waster.

    By the time the eBook began to take on a decent structure, I would realize that passages I'd previously written were either irrelevant, overstated or understated.

    Now before I start writing an eBook I take a day or two (or three) to organize my ideas into an outline. I sketch out the points I'm going to make, and examples I'll use.

    When I sit down to write I can actually go with the flow and crank out solid information the first time around.

Remember, writing eBooks is both an art and a business. Incorporate a little right brain and left brain structure, and even you can leave a trail of fire behind you.

Alexis Dawes talks about what it's like to sell ebooks online through her blog. If you'd like to get an inside glimpse at the problems, pitfalls and power moves ebook authors experience, click on over to ( ).


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