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Ebooks - Marketing Techniques To Maximize Sales - Part 1 of 2


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As your first ebooks nears completion, you begin to figure out ways to spend those big bucks you will be raking in. Hmm. . . Maybe you'll buy that house on the beach.

Many people believe the hype from that old movie; “If you write it, they will come. " Unfortunately, oit ain't so! Your book will not generate traffic and buyers out of thin air. You have to market your ebook. You have to let people know about it, build anticipation for it, and market the heck out of it.

But what is the best way to market a new ebook? It is best to use a variety of different techniques. Don't use just one method, diversify. If you use just one marketing method, you will reach a very limited amount of buyers. If you use four different marketing programs, you will reach three to four times as many people, and I can almost assure you, some of them will be interested in your ebook.

I like to write articles to promote my products. Although it is my primary marketing technique, it is not the only one that I use. Include a resource box that contains three links with every article you write. One of the links directs the reader to my squeeze page. This is an important factor in building my list. The other links point to one of my ebooks or another product that I am promoting. Submit at least three articles each week to the ten largest article directories. Better yet, submit one or more articles every day to maximize your article marketing campaign.

Use free and paid ads to market your ebook. By doing search, you will find many ad sources available in this area. Solo ads, if marketed to the right list, can also be very effective. Use a number of different headlines and copy in your ads. Make sure to test the results from each ad variation to determine which performs best. Then, each week, eliminate the weakest performing ad and replace it with a new ad or the best performer.

In part 2, I will cover additional marketing techniques.

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How Do I Make More Affiliate Sales? Discover Easy Affiliate Marketing ..
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