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Why Bigger Isn't Always Better When It Comes To Writing Ebooks


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I think most writers will agree that there's a special allure attached to ebook authorship.

You write an ebook once, put it on a website, attach some sales copy, promote it, and if you've been blessed by the sales fairy, you sit back and count the orders. (Preferably while you're on some sunny, exotic beach. )

Self-published ebooks have no printing bills and they don't force you to do a song-and-dance for a publishers attention. There are no rejection letters or post office runs in the dead of winter. And yet they can still deliver insane profits.

The problem is most writers never make it past the fantasy stage. The thought of being an ebook author seems inviting - but the actual task of penning an ebook appears larger than life.

A Nightmare Might Scare You - Until You Wake Up and Realize It Was All in Your Head

And that's the best way to describe the unwarranted fear most writers have in regards to writing an ebook.

The beauty of an ebook lies in the fact that it's not a print book. . . it doesn't have to be written like one. . . and it all honesty most ebooks shouldn't be written as if they're print books.

That last statement is the most important because we live in an age where information is abundant in every sense of the word. A report from technology research firm IDC estimates that 161 exabytes of data was created in 2006.

To put that in perspective, an exabyte translates to 161 billion gigabytes. You've probably got a hard drive on your computer with a few hundred gigabytes. So as you can probably imagine, 100 billion gigabytes is enormous in every sense of the word.

And if you want to take it down to a more realistic level, just think of the sheer number of results returned every time you do a search on Google. If you're anything like me you consider yourself lucky if you only get 10,000 web pages returned.

Information overload is here, it's a growing problem for a lot of people, and it's not going anywhere.

Most ebook authors won't take this little factoid into account. But the ones that do have the chance to snag customers who are currently on overload, and just want a specific body of information.

That's where you come in with your shorter (under 30-page) ebook.

"Think Kitchen, Not Mansion"

That's the note I keep posted on my desk. And it helps keep my mind focused on writing about single solutions instead of entire industries.

For example, there's portrait photography. . . there's children's portrait photography. . . and then there's newborn portrait photography. The mansion would be portrait photography. Newborn portrait photography would be the kitchen.

Yes, it's a minor segment. But it's also underserved by traditional information publishers. And that's what makes it so lucrative for ebook authors.

You can come in to a niche like this and be the only person selling that type of information for years. And since we're only talking about 30-pages or less, the entire project can be completed in a month.

That's much more do-able than facing 200-300 blank pages.

Your assignment? Get detail orientated. Look at the minute details of a topic or industry you're familiar with. Ask yourself, what types of solutions don't exist. Then take it 1-page at a time.

Alexis Dawes is the author of “Desperate Buyers Only, " where she provides even more short ebook creation tips. If you'd like to learn how to turn as few as 10-pages of content into a full-time income (based solely on her personal experience) visit her website at ( )


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