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3 Ways To Raise Your Ebook Writing Muse From The Dead And Beat Writers Block For Good


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In all its simplicity, a blank page is both a gift and a curse for ebook writers. It can either prompt you to start writing, or it can scare you into a mental prison called Writers Block D. (The D is for “Dang it!")

Perhaps you're in that very real prison right now. Stumped. Buried in a pit of idea sucking quicksand.

Well you don't have to stay there any longer. Only real prisons are surrounded by barbed wires and sharp shooters.

You, my writing friend, are surrounded by ideas. They just have to be put into perspective. And that's what you're here to do.

  1. Create Your Own Everlasting List of Relevant Random Stuff.

    I began my own Everlasting List of Relevant Random Stuff (otherwise known as my ELORRS) some 12 years ago when I first began to dabble in freelance writing.

    They've come in the form of 3x5 inch notebooks, folders filled with magazine clippings and printed web pages, even coffee stained McDonalds napkins with notes scrawled in pencil.

    Whenever I come across an interesting bit of information, a quote, a good story, or an amazing fact related to a topic I write about, it immediately goes into my ELORRS. If I'm at a loss for ideas, I simply go into your ELORRS file and read through random pages.

    But keep in mind, it's important that you begin building your ELORRS as soon as possible. It's effective mainly because you collect ideas and then you forget about them for a period of time.

    When you do see them again you're looking at them with new experiences and fresh eyes. That's what makes the ideas so powerful.

  2. Design Creative Templates For Common Tasks.

    The article that you're reading right now is based on a title template. I created some 800 title templates over the past few months, and compiled them into an 80-page document.

    When I need to write an article, or a blog post, or an ebook chapter, I pull out my title template document and scan through it. Needless to say, with 800 templates I always find something to write about. At the very least, my creativity muscle gets a massive workout.

    Can you create some form of creative templates? Think about titles, lists, checklists, forms, stories, and so on.

  3. Scan the Table of Contents. did the most wonderful thing for writers when they began allowing people to “Look Inside" a book before buying it. The Look Inside feature shows you the books table of contents and an excerpt, among other things.

    Before Amazons Look Inside feature I would visit my local bookstore or library, scan through targeted books and brainstorm on the spot. Now I can do the same thing at home, and I still have access to a large selection of titles.

    Besides Amazon, you can also do a Google search for “_ table of contents. "

    For example, Googling ‘health table of contents’ yields table of contents from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Affairs Journal, the Journal of Aging and Health, and so on.

    If I'm writing about something I have very little knowledge about, the table of contents awakens my content muse and gives me a starting point.

The best ideas are usually found like needles in a haystack. They're there. It's just up to you to actually dig through the hay to find them.

Alexis Dawes is the author of “Desperate Buyers Only, " where she provides insider knowledge on creating and marketing ebooks. If you'd like to learn how to turn as few as 10-pages of content into a full-time income (based solely on her personal experiences) visit her website at ( )


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