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Making Millions With Your Own Ebook


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It has become very popular, not to mention profitable, to write ebooks. It seems as though everyone with a computer is doing it. Many would tell you that the key to a successful ebook is in finding buyers. I prefer to say that the key to a successful ebook is in finding sellers. To be really successful, you need an army of willing affiliates making sales for, and with, you. A good affiliate program is what you need to make really big money.

Can you make a million dollars on an ebook without using an affiliate program? Well, let's look at the numbers. We'll assume that the useful sales life of your product is two years. That works out to 730 days. If it is selling for $24.95, you'd need to sell 40, 080 of them to reach the million dollar level. That works out to 55 ebooks each and every DAY for two full years! Many authors sell less than that daily quota in a good month. To be honest, many authors don't sell that many in an entire YEAR! But, can you make a million dollars with one? Yes, it is certainly possible, but not very likely.

There is no single key factor to be a successful author. But rather, a series of items contribute to an ebook's success. Following are four primary factors that determine your prospects for success.

1. Many experts say that you should write about something that interests you. I say nonsense! To have a successful ebook, you've got to write about topics that OTHER people (your buyers) are interested in. You must do your research before beginning your work. Find out what people are searching for. Learn what people want. Lurk around in numerous forums and take note of the questions that are asked time and again. This can be very productive. If you see that many people are asking the same question, you may have found a profitable topic. There are many methods you can use to find out which subjects are selling well. My ebook, for one, has an excellent section on how to find hot selling topics.

2. Books that solve problems typically sell better than those that merely provide information. For instance, an ebook entitled “The Causes of Bad Breath" would probably not be a big seller. However, “How to Cure Bad Breath" would most likely do much better even though both products would contain very similar information. Target yours to solve a problem for people.

3. Develop a catchy, descriptive title that attracts buyers. In the example above, I assure you that people with bad breath are not lying awake at night wondering what caused their bad breath. They couldn't care what caused it. They want a cure! And if the title of your ebook indicates that it contains that cure, you probably made a sale!

4. Develop your own affiliate program. Why do you think that all of the most successful Guru's have affiliate programs? It is not because they like to spread the wealth among their fellow Internet marketers. It's because an affiliate program can increase profits exponentially! Do what they do and start your own affiliate program.

Good luck with your ebook, I hope you make two million dollars! That's only 80,160 sales, get busy!

Develop your own ebook! Start Your Own Affiliate Program!

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