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“Failing to plan is planning to fail", remember? So, let’s start with a plan first! Remember to get a pen and paper before you continue – you might be hit by an avalanche of sudden ideas, especially if you are very creative for your Resell Rights Products.

Find a Niche Market and Fill It

If you have yet to write your Ebook, you MUST start with this step: find an existing demand in the Internet marketplace. The larger, the better. And better still, people are willing to pay good money for good information.

I would be lying if I told you to put the importance of your product in front of the demand.

No demand = no sales = why should anybody want your Ebook in the first place, even if it is free?

This equation makes sense, doesn’t it?

Searching out for your niche is a lot easier than you think if you have not guessed it by now.

Use the Overture Search Term Tool here:


Assuming the product with Resell Rights you are considering, purchase is targeted at weight loss (hot market by the way), type in the keywords related to the weight loss topic into the Search box. In about 30 seconds or less, the results will display how many people have searched for that specific keyword or related in the previous month.

Hypothetically, the more searches, the bigger the demand. You do however need to do more extensive research which would take too long to explain here. . .

Here are just some of the many existing hot niches online that I suggest you can go into since they are on the feeding frenzy and that people are willing to pay for that kind of information!

Web hosting
Domain name
Stock Market
Home Business
Internet Marketing
Web designing

Preferably, target an existing hot hungry niche market that you are familiar with. And most importantly, people are willing to pay for it.

Since we have established that Ebook is the best selling digital format and that you should use it for your Resell Rights business plan, you must ensure that it would be practical to dispense information in your Ebook for that specific niche market you are catering to. No point selling Ebooks to blind people when what they want is audio.

For example, it may be practical to dispense professional information and advice in your Ebook on Internet Marketing, but it would be hard or nearly impossible to teach your reader how to excel in a certain sport with an Ebook.

*Important: Since you are going to market Resell Rights to your Ebook, it is very likely that you will build an affiliate program (2-tier), MLM, or matrix in your Ebook that links to membership site or service you either own or are an associate of. Ensure that the niche you are targeting is practical for that kind of back-end links to recommend to your readers.

For example, you can sell a Ghost Story Ebook with Resell Rights. If the reader is interested in reading more ghost stories and is willing to pay for it, he can join your membership site where you send out ghost stories on a regular basis for a monthly fee.

Gerald Hardie is a Marketing Consultant. He has many websites including Get your Free Blueprint you can use to start making money with resell rights! It is a laid out step by step plan that will work if you take action and put it to work. Simple low cost, no cost way to profit from resell rights.


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