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Ever wonder how much it would cost to publish an e-book? Well it’s not much more then it would cost to get out of bed in the morning. In other words publishing an e-book costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. Within a few minutes your hard work will be displayed throughout the internet for anyone with a connection and a computer to access. Publishing your e-book is as easy as checking your email, the trick is however, to know where to publish it.

Print on demand, also known as POD is one way to publish your work. Print on demand publishing has grown at a feverish rate since its introduction over a decade ago. Print on demand is a technology that offers publishing companies the money saving ability to print one book at a time, and still make a profit from it. What does this mean for the aspiring author? It means that you won’t have to convince a major publishing imprint that your effort is worthy of 30,000 copies to get it printed. That means that for a modest design, edit, and marketing fee you can have your book available for purchase both in e-book format, and paperback as well.

Boutique publishing online offers a cost effective way to get your e-book published. Many websites today will allow authors the ability to upload their e-book for free, and have it be part of a large collection of e-books. This not only allows for free distribution of your e-book to take place, but further helps market your e-book to a segment of readers already looking for e-books to read.

Building your own website is another way to publish your e-book online. With the advancements in Java programming language, and PHP scripts, one can have a fancy website with a full functioning blog with little to no programming knowledge needed. Having a personal website, with your own domain name will enhance the marketability of your e-book. Also it would not be difficult to “store” your e-book on the web server for downloading by anyone that is interested, or you could sell it for a modest fee, and email it as an attachment once a user pays.

Hiring a guru is one sure way to get your e-book front and center on the minds of internet users. There are many marketers waiting to help people like you get your e-book to the public. Services vary from buzz building (typically online blogs, and reviews about your book) to advertising and hosting your e-book on their websites.

It no longer takes anything more then a few minutes to get your e-book uploaded. Once you find a method that suits your needs, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you will want to start your next one.

Nicolas Gremion is President of Paradise Publishers Inc ( ), an online based publishing firm. The company’s flagship website, , is considered the internet’s top resource for free e-books. Through visitors can instantly download thousands of title at no charge.


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