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Electronic books (e-books) offers several formats, both traditional book styles, as well as new digital document formats as well. The format of an e-book can make or break its success in the market. Some will want a book format similar to their favorite paperback, or hardcopy, others will want something easier to navigate, possibly interactive. While the choice is up to the author, none being more beneficial then any other, it is of great importance to know all your options when formatting an e-book.

The traditional book style e-book will look like someone scanned the pages from a paperback or hardback book. This format is usually limited to authors that have actually published a book in print, and are able to have their publisher turn the book's manuscript into a digital format. This is a nice option for those that have high quality paperbacks, because your format will stand out as dignified amongst the typical e-book formats most writers will use.

The popular PDF format is as close to an e-book standard as there is. The PDF format is typically created using Adobe Acrobat, making the document readable, but for the most part not editable. This will also help you keep the integrity of your work, since pirates will no doubt strike, and attempt to sell your e-book without permission. A great way to curb this problem is to actually write in a disclaimer in the beginning of the e-book, noting who, if anyone other then yourself, is permitted to sell the book.

Interactive e-book formats are on the rise. Typically an advanced PDF, these formats allow users to instantly go to a chapter, or to get chapter outlines at a push of a button. Interactive e-book formats are good for those that are comfortable isolating some of their readers. One must remember when publishing an e-book, people may end up sending it to their pda, print it out, or even have it read to them by another person. The more interactive an e-book is, the more difficult the simple task of reading it could be become.

Article style e-books offer an easy to read feature other formats lack. Typically article style e-books will give readers a headline, and summary for each new body point within the book. Also article style e-books provide images, creative use of fonts, and reader feedback to give it a more friendly feel.

There are many more e-book formats, including formats that offer data translation for ipods, pda’s, and cell phones. The list of e-book format types grows longer each day; however it’s safe to say a simple PDF will suffice for most authors and readers alike.

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