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In her latest publication, the “Free eBook Goddess”, Stephanie Woolford-Bales, reveals her tips and strategies for succeeding online using the 1 Step System. She begins by telling her story from surviving an abusive marriage and putting herself on the street to get out of it to spending the last eighteen months building her online business through her eBooks.

But what has really exploded her business and finally brought her the income so many online marketers are looking for is the 1 Step System brought online just this year by MLM genius, Rod Stinson.

In her latest eBook, 1 Step System Success Secrets she explains the 1 Step System in detail from its key product, the Ultimate Marketers Tool Kit to the very lucrative payout schedule for associates who sign up and then bring others on board. She provides all the tools needed to not only make this system work, but after going through it readers will have the real “nut & bolts” knowledge of how to drive real, targeted traffic to any web site for any product. Her “no BS” forthright manner cuts through all the hype we see so much of on the web. Her background in the legal profession delivers credible evidence that this lady know what she’s talking about. As Stephanie says herself: “I am LIVING PROOF that the 1 Step System works. ”

Throughout her step-by-step guidelines she offers access to the very resources that have worked for her so that anyone with a computer and the determination to stick with it can build a profitable online income. She admits that earning a living online is not the “cake walk” internet gurus would have you believe and she delivers some of the most hard-hitting explanations of why I’ve ever heard. But through it all, Stephanie provides hope to those of us out here floundering in information overload to the point that analysis paralysis sets in and we end up doing nothing because it’s all to overwhelming to digest.

Finally, a blueprint for success! Who knew?

Most marketers would charge $50 or $100 for the quality of information she provides in this one-of-a-kind tool but her experience has taught Stephanie that by sharing with others success comes back to her multiplied and everyone benefits along the way. So, she gives her book away for free. No strings, no nothing! Read it and take or leave it, it's up to you.

I applaud Stephanie Woolford-Bales for her hard-learned efforts in putting 1 Step System Success Secrets together and thank her for sharing her experience and her book with us.

Karen Morrison is new to internet marketing and believes that everyone has to start somewhere. This is her first book review but she hopes you don't hold that against her!

Please visit my web site: and join me on my journey!


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