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Every day millions of people worldwide search for answers to certain questions, search for various information that will help them make their lives better. It is the same need as the need for food. It means that if there is such a need, a person will satisfy it once it becomes possible. If you can answer some questions or know how to improve people's lives, why not take money for it? Actually, what is money? It is a form of gratitude from people for something useful they acquired. Once you do something useful for people – get gratitude in return.

What will people pay money for? For getting all the necessary information and answers to their questions here and now. They will not have to spend time on searching – everything they need will be offered in one information file. That is why when you create an information product, you should keep in mind that since a person uses a product, he or she must get all answers to all questions the solution for which the product offers.

It will be better if the product is focused on answering some big question. For example, “how to lose extra weight?", “how to feel confident in any situation?", “how to achieve your goals?", “how to become a leader?", “how to find or create your own business?", “how to start your business on the Internet?", “how to write an eBook?" etc. Of course, you should write about what you understand, what you are successful in and what you are interested in. So, when you choose a subject you are going to write about, take your own abilities and interests as a basis. Otherwise the reader will feel that the author is not competent and the product will most probably be a failure.

How to turn information into a commercial product? Of course, it is better to make all information in the form of an electronic book. In this case, an eBook is nothing, but a metaphor. It can be either a set of text pages with pictures or an interactive course with questionnaires and tests. For the potential buyer not to be afraid of cheating and to have no doubts about what he is paying money for, it is better to let him read a couple of chapters from the eBook for free, but ask him to pay for the rest of the eBook. Free chapters should help the reader in his question at once because it is by these chapters that the buyer will determine how useful the eBook is and consequently whether it is worth buying. As a result, it will be only one file available to be downloaded for free from the website. And you will only have to attract visitors who will download the eBook and pay for the registration key and access to the entire contents of the eBook. And remember about statistics: a satisfied client will on average recommend the product to seven other people, while an unsatisfied client will recommend that they not use it.

So, we get the following system:

- a visitor visits a website.

- the website describes questions/problems and explains that the solution is in the eBook that can be downloaded for evaluation free of charge

- the visitor downloads the eBook and looks through its free part

- the reader finds the eBook useful and makes a purchase

So, we need the following for the system to function:

- the website should attract the visitor and help him download the eBook

- the free part of the eBook should start solving the problem and involve the reader into the solution process to continue which he will have to pay money

It is recommended to create commercial eBooks with the program eBook Maestro PRO. It has a lot of advantages. First, it creates eBooks right out of HTML pages. Second, the final eBook is a standalone application that does not require any additional programs. Third, the program can set limitations for unregistered users. Forth, it supports the system of online activation that prevents registration keys from being distributed. Fifth, it protects information from being stolen and modified. Sixth, it allows you to customize any part of the eBook interface the way you want it. And much more.

Good luck to you and lots of sales!

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Dave Smith is a successful infopreneur and a big fan of eBook Compiler tools.

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