Innovative Ways to do Internet Marketing with Your Ebooks


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Ebooks are unique marketing products. Once you get them copyrighted, only you have the exclusive rights to them. You will have a powerful tool in hand, that only you can offer to the public. Prospective buyers will have to visit your website to acquire your ebook. This naturally increases the flow of targeted traffic and the potential of sales and affiliate memberships.

There are many ways to use ebooks to promote your website and attract targeted traffic to it. Here are 10 innovative ways you can use ebooks to your Internet marketing advantage. . .

1. Concise them and turn them into short courses. Whelp your readers’ interest. At the end of the course, offer your ebooks to your readers at a special discount.

2. Use them as incentives to convert your website visitors. Free is the buzzword. Give away your ebooks at no charge as incentives for your website visitors to do whatever you want them to - make a purchase, membership sign-up, ecourse sign-up or subscription to your ezine.

3. Put your ebook on disc. Beat your competition by inserting the disc into your sales packages.

4. Keep your ebook current. Update your ebook frequently to keep in step with market trends. Add new insights and tips. By constantly keeping abreast of new market trends and marketing techniques, you can continue to reap profits from your ebook for years to come.

5. Use excerpts from your ebook as promotional materials. This is a highly effective and low cost method of promoting your product or service. You don't have to produce additional promotional materials.

6. Include a catalog in your ebook to promote all the products or services you sell. You have free advertising space in the form of your ebooks.

7. Identify the problems related to your field. Then figure out how to solve these problems, and publish an ebook with this invaluable information. If you can answer the questions that people are asking and give them definite solutions to their problems, it would greatly boost your business and reputation, and establish you as an expert in your field.

8. Audio book. Don't just limit your ebooks to print. Convert them into audio books. People can listen to them while driving, or relaxing at home over a cup of Cappuccino.

9. Rebrand and resell. Sell others the right to rebrand and resell your ebooks, though, maintaining your author resource box. It will give others added incentive to promote your ebooks because they could keep all the profits they made.

You too will make profits selling rebranding and resale rights. This is a win-win situation, though you the author will benefit the most. You have additional distribution channels for your ebooks through rebranding and reselling. This means more publicity for your business. Sales for the rest of your products may skyrocket.

10. Give away your ebooks for free, and allow others to freely distribute them. Your ebook could literally be viewed by thousands possibly even millions over the Internet. This is viral marketing at its best.

No other form of medium enjoys this kind of flexibility and ability for Internet marketing like ebooks. They are ideal online marketing tools. No only do they provide your readers invaluable information, they enable you to effectively promote your products and services.

Now go and implement these innovative ways.

If you haven't written an ebook, get cracking now.

Gerrick W
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