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Domain Name System (DNS) Management Information


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There are lots of resources that are stored at the different locations on the servers over the internet and with the help of domain names we can easily access them. These domains are located at the place of data storage by making use of IP addresses and this process is completed by Domain Name System. DNS is used for finding the particular location of resource related to the requested domain names url and this is accomplished by the mean of domain name system resolution. The DNS resolution begins when a customer requests for a Domain at the browser and stops with either the web page on monitor or a relevant error message.

Many Domain Registration companies offer DNS Management with the help of Domain Management control panel, as you know that this was earlier a chargeable service for user. Slowly the providers have realized that DNS Management service is an integral part of the Domain and thus has to be provided without a cost. Now a day as it seems that DNS Management is necessarily a part of your Domain Registration, that’s why it’s necessary for the hosting provider to have this facility. In fact, it is always suggested that the DNS Management should be configured with your hosting provider. Thus, all of these resources like the Domain Name and management are the services provided by your Hosting provider and therefore it is advisable that the DNS Management be done at the Hosting servers.

There are small numbers of DNS Management Records that can be used for a domain name but I am going to discuss the most common here:

Address (A) Record:

Address record is very important and used to point a domain to an IP address. We can use this record only when, if our DNS provider and hosting provider for domain name are different companies.

Canonical Name (CNAME) Record:

With the help of this record we can use domain aliases for multiple domains. For example, can be CNAME to, which will show the content of “" when a user requests for “".

Mail Exchanger (MX) Records:

This record is used for deciding the servers to handle emails for requested Cheap domain name . For example, if a user is sending an email to “", then the MX record will describe the IP Address of that server which will handle the emails for, and the email process will proceed.

More DNS resource records for a Domain Name:

1. Name Server Records

2. Service (SRV) records

3. Text (TXT) Records

4. Start of Authority (SOA) Records

After reading this article, I am sure you people will think that DNS Management is just a collection of a small number of records that connect Domain Names to IP Addresses only but it is very important and essential need if you want your internet services to work properly and smoothly.


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