How to Sell Your Website Quickly and for the Best Price


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The process of selling a website or domain name can be demanding and time-intensive. Yet with some key tips the process can be made much more simpler and effective.

The first step you must do is determine the value of your website. There are many formulas for reaching a value. It's important to remember that the valuation of a website business differs from a traditional business and that this must be kept in mind when valuating your Internet business. One of the most important factors is website traffic. If a website has no traffic, it has no business.

Just as important are other variables that can affect the value of an Internet business. Information that cannot be gleaned from financial and traffic data - such as the uniqueness of the business, the conditions of the market, the overall design, the customer experience of the website, and many others. These factors can cause a substantial variation of the value of up to 40% either way. Because of these factors, you should consider a professional appraisal of your website business. The business community spends over a billion dollars a year for outside business valuations. Not only does this give them important information for the day-to-day operations of their business, it proves invaluable for the sale of their business. Buyers are more likely to trust an independent appraisal as opposed to the seller's own judgment. The appraisal also allows you to avoid the mistake of either undervaluing or overvaluing your website.

When writing the listing for your business there are a few key points to remember. First, always try to list a price. It's fine to use OBO (or best offer) but be sure to list a price along with it. Also, be sure to list the net income (profit) and revenue of your website. Even if it's low it's still better than leaving the potential buyer in the dark. In fact, some buyers are looking for websites that are losing money so they can turn them around.

Secondly, try to include a phone number so potential buyers can contact you quickly. Finally, be sure to list anything that isn't obvious to the buyer that adds to the uniqueness of your business, such things as copyrighted works, email lists, and trademarks.

Finally you are ready to make the deal. Remember to be patient. If you have followed these basic fundamentals you can be confident that the sale will go as smoothly as possible.

Good Luck!

Mark Samuelson has owned and operated numerous internet businesses. He has over eleven years of internet experience. Please visit to find out more.


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