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Domain Names - 3 Reasons Why You Need To Register Yours

Joseph Nyamache

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There are three main reasons why you need to buy your own domain names.

Crazy as it may sound; some small businesses still do not see the value of owning their own generic domain names. There maybe a thousand reasons why any business regardless of its size should own their business name or for that matter a domain.

Today I am not going to list the qualities of a good name or how to make money selling domains. No I will not do any of that. Rather I am going to give you three reasons why you as a businessman/woman need to register a good name for your business.

Build Future Online Investment.

It is a proven fact! That is where the future is going. What future am I talking about here? Your customers! Each and every passing day more and more people are discarding that extra trip to their regular pizza place or pick their prescription from that local pharmacy or movie from that store around the corner.

Instead, more and more people are becoming net savvy. It has now become a norm to order online pizza delivery. It is so comforting and convenient for my grandpa to fill his prescription online. And it feels so lazy and nice to order my favorite movie series from the comfort of my couch.

To stay in business, you must be at the right place where your potential customers are going or are already there. Owning your own domain name is the first step towards investing online. Strategically placing your business where the future is heading if not already there.

Key to Owning a Successful Website.

The next logical step once you secure your domain name is to build a web site. Now for a newcomer that may seem an uphill or impossible task.

Do you not need to learn all that programming language, understand some technical jargon or set up some software before you can be able to build a professional and functioning website?

Worry not my friend:

There exists software programs such as, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) that can enable anyone with a passion and will to build a professional and successful web site. Or you can hire programmers and designers or outsource to someone to do the dirty work while you concentrate on what you do best.

Now, a professional and functional web site full of great content has unlimited potential. It can attract thousands of visitors worldwide; you can promote different products or sell advertisement space. There are infinite ways you can put it to work.

The key here is to own your own generic name that is identifiable to your customer base and contains all the good qualities of a good name.

It's Cheap and Easy to Buy a Domain Name.

It never ceases to amaze me how some individuals manage to register a given domain name for less than $10 only to sell it a year or so later for thousands or even millions. I'm still not sure if this is mere luck or ingenious. . . Ah, but that is a story for another time.

For now, while still all over town - You can be able to grab your own name for less than what it will cost you to put three gallons of gas in your tank, why not grab your domain name before things turn for the worst. Who know maybe the recession talk and madness may spiral over to the domain name industry!

Joseph Nyamache is a proud owner of one of the worst domain names:
You can learn from his mistakes at domain names 101


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Manage Domain Names - Skills You Need to Maintain a Domain Portfolio
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