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Well known in the Internet Marketing community making money with blogs may not be known to the average person. Blogs don't seem to make as much money as a full site or affiliate marketing campaign, but by comparison can make some good part time income by themselves.

The first step is to choose a good blog website. and Wordpress are the most popular and easiest to do this with. It's important to note that Google owns and it's spiders crawl the site regularly. So having the search engine bots always around is a big plus for Another important thing to note is the use of Adsense ads. Many blogs let you put Adsense onto them. If a blog website does not, it will be fine for selling affiliate products from.

After you've chosen your blog site, next you have to choose a niche. A niche is a narrow market where there is not a lot of competition. It is advised you find a niche you have some knowledge about, but when you get better, it is not really necessary. Picking out a niche is important, very important. Use Google's search engine and search for your niche and look at the results. Ideally, you want somewhere around 8 million to start. From there, narrow your niche down even more so you can target a very specific visitor coming to your blog. Smaller is better, but you want somewhere around 10,000 searches at the least.

Check how often your term has been searched for using Overture's Keyword Selector . Overture's Keyword Selector shows you the number of times the word or phrase you type in has been searched for in the last month. Very useful in finding out how popular your niche is. Again, you don't want your results too be too high or too low. For low numbers, 4000 to 7000 searches in the last month is a good general rule to start with.

If you plan on promoting an affiliate product you can probably start now. The other avenue is Adsense ads. If you're using those you have one more step to make sure this is a niche that has good return. Overture also has a Bid Tool to find out how much people are paying for the keywords of your niche. For example, if you plan on doing “bike riding", you can see how much people are bidding to have their ads appear for that keyword. In an Adsense blog you want people to read your content but click on the ads, so finding good paying numbers is key to making money.

Last is traffic. Update your blog daily until you find it indexed in Google. After that the updates can be less frequent, but no longer than a week. If you've found this helpful but need more information on specifics, go to MoneyForBlogging .


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How to Make Money and Rank #1 With Blogs
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