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List Of Online Scams That You Should Never Invest Or Try !!!

Arjun Ullas

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This list of online scams is all about the worst sites of different categories, i. e, about online job scams, Multi-level marketing scams, Ponzi survey sites, and other internet scams. You should never work or try to invest in below mentioned online sites, as it not only take your money away but also steals your precious time.


The updated list are as follows: Does It Worth It Anymore?

Overall Score: 40/100
Site Type: Gambling
Founders: Isai Scheinberg, Mark Scheinberg
Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED ANYMORE!! was one of the world's biggest online poker room. It was having a strong reputation before and it was officially launched in September 2001, Costa Rica. Everything was fine until US government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This act has made Poker Stars an illegal website in US online market and it became unable to process US bank transactions as well. But they refused to leave the place. Later on, they acquired a fresh gambling license from the European Union and continued adding new members into it. Meanwhile, they changed their privacy policy, T&C as well. Thereafter complaints are started flooding like they are freezing some of the registered member's accounts, transactions got blocked, offered bonuses rejected, bankrolls decreased when attempting a withdrawal.

Note: If you still looking for a legit payable gambling site then I recommend you to read my complete review about Bet365 because it pays.

Ultimate Cycler- A pure Pyramid Scam

Overall Score: 30/100
Site Type: Multi-Level Marketing(MLM)
Founder: Peter Wolfing
Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED!!! is one of the most untrusted Pyramid business structured program created to scam innocent people. They are targeting to sell their products through the MLM scheme. So never enroll into this especially if you are new to the online world and don't feel that it is so easy to market those products or to join new members. Don't waste your time here by chasing others as they already mentioned that it is not recurring income. Don't think that this program will give the key to all financial problems. I strongly believe that these kinda programs are the biggest fraudsters out there and the owners are only ones that win. They will charge 25$ as registration fee but later I found a bunch of unhappy members who want their money back. An Absolute scam site

Overall Score: 35/100
Site Type: Online Business E-guides
Founder: Ewen Chia
Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED!!! is an another type of online training course which aims at focusing on how to make money through various affiliate marketing methods in the form of PDF guides. While comparing with other online courses, AutoPilotProfits are more seemingly robbing more money from the members pockets instead of providing valuable training materials. Even inside there is no proper member support or live chat. They are running fake promotions, black hat lessons as well. The joining fee is 37$ and more you have to pay later and it has no value for money since this program itself a big scam or it is just another platform for the owner to place or promote his products. I strongly recommend to you that stay away from Ewen Chia because taking his advice may destroy your current business. Scam- Don't fall for this!!

Overall Score: 25/100
Site Type: Blogging Platform
Founder: Arvind Dixit
Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED!!! is all about blogging which allows you to place your unique ideas, thoughts or content in their domain name and should have to wait for others to click or comment their content in order to earn some small bucks. Are they really paying for this ? No, they aren't and here comes the twist, cash will be credited, but they will block that money by saying some excuses such as you violated our rules and regulations or they just terminate your account when they found you are earning a huge amount daily. All that they doing is just stealing your valuable content by offering some penny and later on refusing to pay that as well by providing some unethical rules. Even if anyone tried to contact them for any cash related problems they usually won't reply to those. An Untrustful Survey Scam Site

Overall Score: 10/100
Site Type: Paid Online Surveys
Founder: Jason White
Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED!!! is an absolutely a pure scammy survey site which charges you for things that may get it for free from other sites. They all will trick you by placing posters like you can win up to 1000$ per week or per month, or even they provide some false claims that you can get up to 50$ or 100$ for each survey. But the truth you are not going to earn anything from this site. Many newbies will think that taking surveys are easier and to fill their pockets, but the fact is that both are not going to be happen. Taking these kinda surveys are a complete waste of time or each survey will be time-consuming. The main thing that you have to keep in mind that if a paying survey site is genuine then registration will be free they won't charge any extra for that.

Note: If you still looking for a decent payable surveying site then I recommend you to read my complete review of PaidViewPoint which pays some penny at least. Big PTC Scam Site

Overall Score: 20/100
Site Type: PTC(Paid-To-Click)
Verdict: HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!! is an online advertising PTC site. Actually, such sites should pay for viewing advertisements but they are not paying for its members. Even the owner's details are hidden by using WHOIS protection tool. This website is holding fake BBB certificates. It didn't provide any forums in order to discuss its pros and cons. They will just reject your application at the time of cashout and didn't update their website yet. Many comments from different forums already flagged as a scam site. Now it is also giving a bad name for other legit PTC sites as well. Their instructions are still a mystery since they are not keeping FAQ page, affiliate disclaimer etc. The whole strategy is a scam which tricks others and their precious time and money. Legit Or Scam ?

Overall Score: 50/100
Site Type: Instant Commission System
Founder: Matthew Neer
Verdict: HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!! is a totally suspicious website with lots of unethical factors. It is self-claiming that it is an online platform for their members to learn how to generate a massive income without a website by referral commissions. HOW ? They have many pre-build pages inside the 5kformula which having the self-capability of making huge incomes from free and paid traffic, WhatsApp group, Facebook group, solo ads, etc. The main promise of this site is that any of their members can make thousands of dollars without any effort because one of their tool like ‘Sales Funnel’ will work for them. SO WILL IT WORK ?. Hmm. . making millions from online for free and without any work is unimaginative and impossible. All this will happen only if you have a better support and hard work. Even their products are not free and no free trials as well. You have to purchase it for at a starting price of $9.95 and many upsell as well. It's better you don't fall for their false announcements. BE ALERT!! A Complete Scam site

Overall Score: 50/100
Site Type: Data entry & form filling
Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED!!! seems to be an another fraud site which offers online data entry jobs, form filling jobs and other online home based jobs. What I found so bad about this site is that it still maintaining a bad outdated theme layout, flooded with ads, so many spelling mistakes, no jobs found yet except its referral program which they don't pay for that either, no privacy policy, no forms to fill it out. They just using others to promote their website even without paying for that as well. At the same time, everyone will be willing to go for a try as the signing up is totally free of cost. But am betting you even if you doing its referral program they are not gonna pay you out. So, it is better to push this kind of scam sites away.

Are all online jobs are a scam ? No, Not at all. Read my genuine findings of a legitimate online job called UserTesting .

You should never work or try to invest any amount in above-mentioned list of online scams sites as it not only take your money but also it will steal your precious time. You can also check more details about those scam sites in

If you have anything to share about the list of online scams that we discussed above you can post a comment here. Do you have any doubts to clear as well ? Ask a question. Don't ever hesitate to do that !!!

list of online scams

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Online Scams, How Do You Know? Free Tips From an Online Marketing Pro
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