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Taking A Look At Blogging Today


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Blogging Today

Because of the attention social media has gotten over the past few years people seem to perceive blogs as a new invention. This couldn't be further from the truth. Adding information to weblogs or “blogs" has been part of the online world for over ten years now. People are always looking for a way to connect with other like minded poeple. Blogging has become a very popular way for people who share an interest to connect.

Back in the old days bloggers usually only created personal blogs, such as diaries or chronicles. Today bloggers create blogs on just anything you can think of. Like a blog for investors, a blog for internet marketers, or a blog for justin bieber fans. You will be amazed at the diversity of blogs out there. But even with this dramatic change in how blogs are used the are still used for the same purpose, and that is to facilitate communication.

Today blogging has become a very effective and popular means of online based communication mainly because is quite simple and does not much investment of time. Using blogging platforms like or the extremely popular Wordpress software makes blogging a lot easier for the average Joe. There is no need to know any special computer coding or anything like that. You simply add your post into a text editor and you even add some pictures or video at the push of a button. With the increase in popularity in mobile devices platforms like Wordpress create special apps for your device so you can easily edit your blog on the go.

Another important aspect of blogging that is the reason why it is an excellent means of communication. is that it easily allows for comments to be quickly and added. Entire conversations between many people over a particular topic can be made in the form of blog comments.

Most people do not realize that the big social sites we know and love to day came from the blogs and chat rooms that were very popular back in the day. I will admit blogging did fall into the shadows for a while but now more and more people including businesses are starting to see the benefits of having a blog.

Whether a blog is used to create polital debate or to simply connect and bond with firends, blogs have the ability to boost the speed of communication. It does this by being sort of a mix between a forum and a full featured website.

= My name is Shawn Dorsey and I have been studying web design and internet marketing for about five years now. If you are interested in seeing more awesome articles and videos then please take the time to visit my blog.

http://www.yourwebdream. us =


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