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Goal setting scores for personal development


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As individuals, the journey that everybody takes, both personally and professionally, is not necessarily the one that is initially planned. Nevertheless, to help deal with all that life can throw at us, it is vital that personal development is allowed to continue, to maximize potential. Standing still is the first step to moving backwards, as it is an acceptance of a situation, without trying to improve upon it. Each any everyone of us has the capacity to grow as a person, taking responsibility for change, and creating a degree of self-belief, that can carry us through to a level previously thought beyond us.

To achieve any of this however, it is crucial to structure your development, and as a consequence, it is necessary to adopt the process of goal setting. These have to be realistic in their nature, meaning they must be achievable, plus it is always best to be specific, as vagueness invariably leads to apathy, which usually equals failure. Making these goals time-targeted also helps, as again if they are left open ended, the motivation factor will diminish. The approach has to be disciplined and determined, this way the individual will gain a sense of direction and purpose, and therefore a greater likelihood of success.

Goal setting will have a positive effect on character and personality, as questions are asked that require pushing oneself, and demonstrating a higher capacity to persevere towards a target. Persistence pays off, but the need to remain focused is paramount. The type of goals can be tiered with regard to relevance and importance, but in all cases, have to be challenging, to derive any benefit to personal development. It is of little benefit to anybody if the goals are completed without additional effort, be that emotionally, physically, or intellectually. The fundamental objective is improvement, so the bigger the commitment, hopefully the greater the returns in that respect, upon completion.

It is absolutely vital that any goal chosen, must be completely believed in for its significance and value to future development. There is little point in dedicating a considerable period of time to something that will not be of use further down the line. Additionally, the assistance of others is also crucial. Feedback is a key element, as it keeps the goal on track, so constructive criticism coupled with glowing praise, is likely to help sustain the necessary motivation. Once a strategy is established, the process can be tailored, from both the goal setting point of view, and the feedback, which should always be a two-way communication.

It is advisable to try not to over complicate the goals, keeping things simple is far more likely to succeed, than if the task were to become too complex. Working practices may need to be slightly modified, but in the main, it ought to be just a case of applying oneself to a commitment, and seeing it through to a desired outcome. If possible, try to steer clear of conflict, as this can lead to complications, so realistically, any goal should be aligned to organizational requirements, but with personal development the central issue.

To improve as individuals, it is vital that there is a realisation of a need for continued personal development . Self-belief will grow and goal setting is the key, coupled with commitment and desire to succeed. Learn more about it on .


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