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Profiting From Multiple Blogs

Bob Gillespie

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Have you been working constantly at Internet marketing with very little to show for it? Have you become aware of the fact that there is one bright new, exhilarating scheme after the next being sold to you but hardly anything seems to work out in the end? Do you recognize that you are being sold out-dated information or only a segment of the total picture? You are not to blame and you are not alone but that still doesn't put money in your pocket.

Do you recognize what the trouble is? You are running along after a crowd of people, just like yourself, who try out everything new that comes along. Because so many others are attempting the same scheme, the competition is intense and no one makes much cash. But how about those fabulously rich Internet gurus? How come they are earning big bucks and you aren’t? Either they are fibbing to you about their success or they are actually doing well and are, by design, not showing how they are doing it. In that case, they are probably taking a different road.

The actual money being made on the Internet is being done in ways that have not been universally discovered or are so straightforward that they may appear to be without worth to the uninformed observer. The truth is always simple but that very fact tricks the eyes of most people because they think that the truth has to be complicated or difficult. The big cash being made currently on the web is being made “under the radar. ” One example of this is the use of so-called “money sites. ”

What is a money site? A money site is an uncomplicated site with one intent: A money site is set up to rake in as much cash as possible using simplicity. A money site is not showy. It’s just well-constructed to lead potential customers rapidly to where you want them to go which is directly to the “Add to Cart” button. A blog is a great place for a money site because it can be set up rapidly. It needs only a theme, content related to that theme and it needs to contain advertising. Some of these ads will make you money. Small amounts of compensation will come in from Google Adsense ads and larger amounts from small advertisements leading to affiliate sites that earn you money for every sale you bring to them. A great place to get affiliates ads is where sellers will pay you commissions of up to 75% of whatever your visitor ends up buying from them. Each affiliate ad is embedded with a code that identifies you as the site owner who is to be paid the commission.

Now, a blog site like this may only make $30 or so a day, on average, but since it was so effortless to set up and is so unproblematic to keep up, you might want to think about building a whole group of blogs with different themes, catering to different but hot niches. A series of 10 sites might bring you in about $300 a day, a group of 20 sites about $600 a day, a group of 50 sites about $1500 a day or $293,500 annually. Now, it's true that some sites will prove to be great winners while other may show themselves to be a waste of time. As you go along, you can discard the poorly-performing blog sites and replace them with new ones. There are literally thousands of distinct products to sell on ClickBank and it’s easy to notice which products are making the most revenue.

You might want to consider using Word Press as the location for your blogs. Do not go to the Word Press site directly because those blogs are not permitted to contain ads. Rather, access Word Press from inside a web site hosting company such as (Not all hosting firms offer the Word Press feature. ) Sign up for Host Gator's “Baby" account (or larger). That way, you will be allowed to have lots of sub-domains but pay only for the hosting of one web site. You simply create the number of sub-domains you will need for the number of blogs you will be turning out. Google (and the other search engines) look at a sub-domain as a discrete web site or blog for ranking purposes. If your master URL were and you were selling widgets on one of your blogs and you were creating a sub-domain for that blog, you would name it something like “widgets. " This also gives you a good likelihood of being able to use a popular keyword in your URL even though the URL “" has been taken by another person.

You should use software to assist you in doing the laborious, repeated tasks. There is plenty of web marketing software out there to help with most any facet of what you need to achieve to keep your sites running with out a hitch while herding huge amounts of highly-targeted traffic to them. Don’t be bothered too much about content, there is a plethora of that out there on most every subject and there is software to find it for you rapidly and easily.

Each time a person arrives at one of your blogs, you should have a squeeze page to retrieve their email address. You can give away something of value for this or you can use the squeeze box as the price of admission to get to another page or video of interest. You will use these highly-targeted email addresses to build an email list for marketing purposes. That will be one of the most profitable things you can do in Internet marketing.

You will use carefully-researched keywords to bring huge quantities of search engine “organic” traffic to your blog. Organic traffic is free, targeted traffic. You will discover how to get placed high in the search engines for the best keywords. You will discover how to find the most profitable market niches and profit from them. You will ascertain how to develop excellent content by yourself or by using existing material from elsewhere on the web. You will discover how to get RSS feeds of content to your site and you will learn how to place yourself as an “expert” in your niche so that people will come to trust you and purchase from you. How are you going to learn all of this? Just open your eyes and look around you. The answer should be clear as a bell. It’s staring you in the face.

© 2011 Robert M. Gillespie, Jr.

Bob Gillespie writes on many subjects including multi-blog marketing. He is an Internet Marketer and author who lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Learn more about multi-blog marketing at:

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