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Making Your Website Visitors Stick Around

Edwin C

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A sticky site is a website that your visitors stay around at for a long time. But an even stickier site is one in which your visitors keep coming back to it, day after day. In order to have a sticky site/blog you will need to have a really good website. So what does a good website consist of anyway? This article will show you some tips on how you can create a website that makes your surfers stick around.

It is crucial to have a good looking site in order to make people come back. Let us first look at a few of the most popular sites in existence and see why they are consistently are ranked at the top. Later, will see why they are the best ones. The top three sites are Facebook, Youtube and Yahoo. I'm not counting google because it's not really a site, but rather a site that takes you to other sites. Okay so what makes these three sites (facebook / youtube / yahoo) the top 3 websites on the internet? First with Facebook, it is their interaction. Second, with Youtube it is their great content. Finally, with Yahoo it is their daily news, celebrity and sports updates. What can you learn from this? When you create your own blog you have to make sure you incorporate these 3 principles into your website: interactivity, content and updates.

But now let us dive deeper into not only the 3 principles I previously discussed but also some additional ones. With these additional tips you can have your visitors stick around and keep coming back again tomorrow.

- Updates. Update your site often. You certainly do not have to update every day but updating weekly is good. Another tip is that you can do your blog posts in sections. End the first post by saying “stay tuned for part 2 next week". Creating a series teases them into returning back to your site.

- Navigation. Have a user friendly site. Give your visitors plenty of options on where to click. Since this article is primarily geared toward blog owners, these tips apply to blogs: refer to your previous posts within your current post, list the most popular posts, categorize and tag your blog posts. The more internal links you create the better.

- Design. Have a visually stunning design. Make your blog unforgettable. You can also create a logo so that your visitors can remember your site. Doing this is called branding. All major companies do this so why shouldn't you.

- Statistics. Track your visitors using Google Analytics. Then after you have accumulated some data for a few days look at these stats: time on the site and bounce rate. If your visitors are staying on your blog for less than a minute or so, then you do not have a sticky site and you need to make some changes. If more than 50% of your traffic bounces away, you are not following the tips I have outlined here.

So if you create a good quality blog and adopt these principles that I have outlined here in this article you will have a sticky website that visitors will keep coming back to.

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