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Article Marketing – Must do SEO Tactick


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Starting a online business it’s not a child’s play. You need to show your presence to the customers and the individuals and must learn the ways to drive the traffic from various sources such as search engines and achieve higher rank in the search engines. So I have a way which can help you the have a wide presence on the Internet, called Article Marketing. So what is Article Marketing??

Article marketing is nothing but a way of advertisement. In this you write a short and rich in content article, giving the information about the niche that you are serving and the services or he products that you are providing. You then publish such articles on the various article submission directories for free, so that the readers can have free and easy access to your information and can be aware regarding you and your business. When going for article marketing, it has a section where you can include your personality and your signature so that the readers can then directly link to your site.

Article marketing carries various benefits along with it, which are mentioned below :

Draws a large amount of traffic and visitors: - Preparing an information rich article and posting it to the article directory helps you to have access to the thousands of visitors of such directories, and with the signature that your article carries, you can easily source good amount of traffic from such sites. But for that you just need to be sure that your article must be accepted by the article directories, and such directories must be having a high page rank in search engines.

Promote you as expert in your field: – Internet is a virtual world, so it’s difficult for the people to put trust on each other. There are chances that you may be ripped of by some schemer in his way to make quick sale. But when you present the readers the information that is useful to them and fulfilling their demand, then its easy for them to respect you and have trust on you. So slowly and gradually they will be imaging you as an expert in the niche where you serve.

Helps in increasing link popularity: - As discussed earlier most of the search engines place heavy emphasis on the links that are coming to you site from other sites, to determine the ranking. Thus placing your link and the article in various article submission directories, helps you to increase the link popularity of your site, boosts your ranking in the search engines, also sources the traffic from their site to yours, and can help you to convert the subscribers to potential customers.

Helps to increase search engine ranking: - Whenever you are posting an article to the article directory there is resource box at the end that allows you to place the link of your site. So when you are submitting your article to thousand of such directories, there will be thousands of the links pointing to your site. Thus there is a boost in your search engine ranking as there are large number of inbound links to the site. With unique, rich in information and properly written article related to your website, you can easily experience a boost in your search engine ranking and number of visitors visiting your site.

Helps in product marketing: - Buyers don’t easily buy an online product straightway. They tend to collect as much information about the product before making a purchase decision. So writing an article on the product, its features, its benefits, and how it can help to solve a consumers problem, helps a buyer to have trust on the product and makes his/her purchase decision easier and faster. Thus it helps to pre-sell the product.

Increasing the returning visitors to the site :- Words are never going to perish. Your article will stay on the article directories for long number of years to come. It will be a constant source if information for the net users who wants to gain knowledge about the field that you are expert in. So be consistent in writing and publishing the articles. Chances are there that many of the readers save your site as a permanent link to get rich and valuable information. Thus you get returning visitors, which is very much a healthy situation for your business.

Also when writing an article keep the following things in mind :

  • the content must be original.
  • It must be quality content and rich in information.
  • Proper and relevant use of keywords must be there.
  • You include your signature in the article, so as to attract visitors to you.
  • You market the articles in the directories having higher page rank and traffic.

Thus the only cost that you are incurring for article marketing is the time that you use in writing an article and distributing it. There is no need to run any PPC campaign, and you can generate traffic in large numbers by just being consistent in sharing the information with the readers. Thus make sure that you have the article marketing as one of the top marketing strategy when you are planning to go for your website marketing.


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