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Why Get a Business Blog?


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Business blogs can seem like a waste of time and money because many members of the public are now wise to their use as marketing tools. However, that's not to say that they are no longer useful. Far from it - business blogs are more useful for websites than ever and can help to pull massive amounts of traffic to your site.

Whether or not business blogs are seen as tools in marketing your company, when people read them, they tend to visualise a writer of the blog - giving your company that all-important voice that helps relate to the public and ingratiate the business to their estimations. Members of the public find companies with distinct personalities appealing as they tend to have a more ‘human’ element that makes people feel as though your products were created to tailor for their specific needs.

It also helps people feel that your customer support services are stronger and that you are prepared to listen to their suggestions and feedback - particularly if comments are enabled on your company blog and your writer endeavours to respond to all questions.

On top of the benefits of your company receiving a ‘voice', there is another great advantage to having a business blog - industry authority. If your blog sees your company engaging with changes in the industry and discussing and opining on them, your company will be seen to have authority within the industry and appear on top of the game. This can enhance your business’ reputation in leaps as members of the public get the idea that you and your employees know everything that there is to know about your field.

Due to this, your company will have more public trust and your products could be increasingly seen as at the forefront of innovation - after all, you wouldn't be selling them if you were aware there was something better out there.

Business blogs can have a huge benefit for companies, including with the website itself. Adding fresh content to your site daily means search engines will index it more frequently and it could end up seeing higher results. If you also optimise your blog with keywords and contextual links, there could be a massive boost in search rankings. These extras, coupled with intelligent domain names , could give your website that further boost to success - which is why so many businesses are getting blogs of their own.

Andrew Regan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.


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Why Do You Need a Blog For Your Business?
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