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Blogging For Money, 60 Minutes, and Crazy Oil Prices


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In surfing I just read an article that says blogging for money is a waste of time, and concludes by strongly recommending that people not blog as an additional stream of income.

I find that fascinating. While I agree blogging for the sake of blogging will rarely make anyone a whole lot of money, there is an important element missing.

Let me give a real life example:

Recently “60 Minutes" concluded that because supply was rising and demand was falling, the problem of supply and demand was not a factor in recent gas price hikes and falls, but that it is all a result of Wall Street corruption. All the data presented on “60 Minutes" was absolutely true.

But there is a critical point that was omitted: that for many months while supply was rising and demand was falling, the amount of world-wide oil being supplied was still LESS THAN the amount of oil being demanded and consumed. Even while demand was rapidly falling, more was still being consumed than supplied - even when the amount being supplied and the prices for gasoline where both at a record high.

The laws of supply and demand say that if more is demanded than supplied, prices must rise.

What does this have to do with blogging for money? Plenty.

One guy says that you shouldn't blog for money because he hasn't made any money. But you have to do the research to see if he is looking at all the information when telling others not to blog.

What value does blogging bring? When done correctly - traffic.

What does traffic bring? When done correctly - prospective customers.

What do prospective customers bring? When done correctly - revenue.

Granted, you have to know what you're doing to make money by blogging. I wouldn't recommend going at it willy-nilly and expecting to rake in the cash.

You have to have a goal, a plan, a strategy, and measurable deliverables.

Where did I learn what I've learned?

Blogging: .

Oil & Supply/Demand: From a fellow Rotarian. Verified by a good deal a research; the easiest to read:

I am Isak Griffiths, a Professional Coach and founder of Axioi, Inc. : “Working with people who are passionate about life, and who are ready to transform ideas and dreams into reality and action. Building community one person at time through honesty, integrity, clarity, humor, dignity, kindness, and compassion. "


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