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Make Money Blogging - Can it Be Done?


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Originally used as online journals, blogs have become a way for experts to share information and for individuals to earn money.

One benefit of using blogs to earn income is that you don't need a start up investment. Since blogs get updated on such a regular basis, they tend to appear in search engine results more often than other websites.

Whether it be to get information or to be entertained, tons of people visit blogs every day. Many people want to find out what is happening in the life of the blogger.

When another person links their blog to yours, you will gain new readers. The more readers you have, the more money you will be potentially able to earn. The easiest way to make money using a blog is to install AdSense advertisements.

Visitors to your blog can be encouraged to click on these ads by locating the ads in strategic locations on your blog page. Every time someone clicks on an ad, Google will give you a cut of their earnings. Even though one click is not going to earn you much, a site with lots of web traffic could potentially earn quite a bit.

Making real money using AdSense ads requires that you make the ads easy to see, attractive to your blog readers, and that you get as much web traffic as possible to your site. You want people to want to click on these ads so that you can earn some money.

Advertising agencies will be happy to place one of their banners on a popular blog page. Allowing them to do so is another way that a person can earn money by blogging. The space that you allow advertisers to use on your web page and the number of people who visit the blog will determine how much advertisers will be willing to pay you.

Ad space on your blog's website can be charged for in a variety of ways. For example, you could charge commission based off of how many clicks an ad gets, you could charge one flat rate for the ad, or work like an affiliate and get a percentage off every sale made by means of the ad.

Highly popular bloggers with a large reader base can sometimes get advertisers to compete over the right to place their banners on the blog's website. In this way, a person who writes their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a blog can actually make some real money at the same time.

To start your blogging career, think of a topic that will be searched for often online, start your own free blog at or, and put some well placed ads on your blog page. In time, you will begin to draw a steady stream of income from your blogging.

Would you like to make money working online ? The Wordpress Project will show you how you can use the free Wordpress blogging software to make a nice extra income, or maybe even enough to quit your full-time job.


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