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Make Money With Blogs - A How To


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It seems everyone has a blog these days, but not everybody knows how lucrative owning a blog can really be. There are a couple ways to make money blogging. The secret to blogging for bucks is in diversity. Use these tips to widen your blogging profit streams.

You're probably already familiar with Google's AdSense, but do you have the ads showing up on your blog? Every surfer that comes to your site is an revenue opportunity. Post contextual adverts like AdSense or YPN and take advantage of the money you can generate from your readers. Some advertising networks pay per click, while some others pay per page view. If you don't receive many visitors it may be you best bet to get paid per page view since not every surfer to your blog will actually click on your ads.

Marketing advertising space on your blog is profitable as well. Your content depends on the kinds of ads you would want to sell. If you had a boating blog, you would have the ability to sell ad space to a boating site or even a boating retail merchant. Think about what niche you're in when you're thinking of potential ad buyers.

Affiliate programs are a great method to monetize your blog. Becoming an affiliate of a retail merchant or website that matters to your readers you're able to convert your traffic into real earnings. If you've got a gossip blog and become an affiliate of a tabloid magazine you would make a percentage of the revenue generated every time one of your visitors clicked on the tabloid ad and purchased a subscription to their mag. Since celebrity blog readers are likely tabloid magazine readers as well, your clickthrough rating would probably be good.

If you want to get paid for your time, consider blogging for other sites as a paid employee. Some internet sites have very hot blogs and hire other bloggers to help write for their web sites. Different sites pay diverse rates for blogging. Some pay per word, while others pay per article. Writers can make a good amount of extra money each month writing this way.

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Your Guide For Blog Marketing, How To Use Blogs To Make Money Online
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