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Your Blog is Your Cubbyhole in Life

Carma Dutra

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On your first day of preschool or kindergarten, you are assigned a cubbyhole. A 2 x 2 square box attached to twenty-five other cubby holes, painted in various colors. Each square box has a placard with a students name printed neatly on it. Everything of value is placed in your cubby such as lunch box, papers, crayons, and pencil boxes. You are told to take care of the things in your cubby.

Cubbyhole sounds like something cute and snuggly and reserved for children but take away the fuzzy wuzzies and you have a Niche which is described in the dictionary as one of the following:

1) a snug or cramped space or room
2) a small compartment
3) a category, especially an overly restrictive one.

In the blogger's world a Niche is much like definition number three. It is written all over the cyberspace that finding and marketing your niche is important to your blog and business. I don't disagree. Developing a niche can be very profitable and attract a lot of readers to your blog.

Once you discover or choose your niche, are you stuck with it? No. Just as with a college major any one who has attended college knows your major may change many times before you choose to focus on one category. It is also not surprising to find college students who have more than one major. It is ok to experiment with different niches for a while or even a year or two. Nevertheless, somewhere down the line you need to grow up and stay in one place for a few years before venturing off to another cubby hole.

Do not stress if you are having difficulty deciding on a forte. A niche does not have to be restrictive but it should not be too general either. For instance if you are a freelance writer you are in company with about a million other freelance writers. It is easy to set yourself apart from the others. Do you like to write about romance, mystery, vampires? Or do you like to write sales ads and psychology? There are more than enough choices to go around. Each person is unique and each person will bring a special perspective to their own niche.

Your chosen niche is your cubby hole in life. Try to narrow it down to a particular type. Make it colorful and just like your kindergarten teacher taught you. Take care of the things in your cubby.

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