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Automate Blog Posting With New Technology


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Automate blog posting? Yes, we are living in a good time right now for a lot of great innovations in software to help people with their blogs. The good news is that these once “inferior" softwares are coming of age. Before when we heard of a software which could do such a task it usually came with a lot of disappointment along with it. While software developers attempted to create software which could help in this area, we usually ended up with a lot more trouble than just going ahead and manually creating our posts in the first place.

Thank goodness we can now use some very good tools to help and automate our blog posting. Why would a person want to automate blog posting in the first place?

Blogging today isn't just about a way to share information, pictures, and the latest gossip with family and friends. Blogging has become serious business for many people. In fact the building of powerful blogs and turning them into authority sites has really started to fain popularity. There are many reasons for this, but, certainly one of the main reasons is that webmasters have learned that the search engines absolutely love blogs and their ever changing content. This is one of the biggest reasons that webmasters are utilizing blogs more everyday into their marketing plans.

For me, having and using all of the best tools I can find to use to save myself time is very important. Although I'm mainly a viral marketer, I've taken on a real love for using blogs for my main type of web site as well. In the last while it's been a great journey learning from the authority site building master Jack Humphrey. His training in the new social media age has really awakened me and helped me to realize that If I didn't start to put this new type of marketing into practice for myself, I may end up being left in behind. It's not really a matter of choice anymore. Social sites and marketing is here, and it isn't going anywhere for quite some time, except for rising up in popularity even more.

Fortunately, Jack Humphrey and his training is the absolute best and most cutting edge available today. It's also led to the creation of many helpful top quality softwares from his company as well. His company is the pioneer in this area and thankfully the software that is provided by his company is no longer of the “inferior" quality mentioned above. The software currently available will help you to automate blog posting, gain more links through trackbacks, and there is even very good software available for helping with submitting to the top social sites. This helps greatly in getting top search engine rankings fast for your many chosen keyword phrases.

Personally, I've been so impressed with these latest tools that I have taken to owning each of them. They are helping to build my sites stronger faster. They have also provided for me in recommending great tools to my visitors, subscribers, and in giving great advice to up and coming marketers. Whether you are just starting out, or are a little more advanced in the web publishing business it's definitely the time to get involved with social media and marketing. With tools to automate blog posting, help with our submissions and search engine rankings, we simply couldn't be living in a better time to get involved.

Davin Ogden is an accomplished affiliate marketer and viral marketing strategist. He talks more about how to automate blog posting and innovative viral marketing techniques from his own blog. Download a complimentary copy of Creating A Winning Mindset to help you with your online success now.


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Marketing Business Protocols With Free Blog Posting
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