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Benefits of Article Marketing 9 Blogging

Jeff Schuman

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We have to discuss blogging when we talk about the benefits of article marketing. Blogging is an excellent way to build your business writing articles.

Certainly, if you have a blog of your own you should be posting articles in those. I personally think you should vary the content a little so that you are not posting the exact same article in your blog that you are also submitting to various article directories.

You do not have to rewrite the whole article, but you do want to make it a little bit unique. This gives you an opportunity to attract new readers when you social bookmark your blog post.

You should do this without changing the meaning of the article. You will find it will become second nature to you and is not hard to do at all, as you work at doing rewriting to make each article unique.

Another idea that people do not often think of is to become a guest blogger and write for other blogs. One problem that all bloggers face is how do they keep their blogs current and fresh content coming into it on a consistent basis.

This is especially true during the vacation season when people want to take some time off and they don't want to have to stop what they are doing and post in their blog. This gives you an opportunity to use your article writing talents and blog for them.

You could offer to do it for free in exchange for allowing you post back links in the articles to your website or blog of your own.

Another thing you could do is trade blog articles with bloggers and give each of you additional exposure. This is a form of a link trade from the old reciprocal linking days.

You write a blog article for them and link back to your blog and they write a blog article for you and link back to yours.

One final point to keep in mind is many article directories want articles of 400 words or more. When you blog you are not under any word count minimum. As a matter of fact if you can often get your point across in 250 word blog articles!

Article marketing definitely has many benefits as we have seen. Becoming a blogger is a great way to add fresh content to any site.

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