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Blog Marketing Tips 2 Shocking Facts About Making Money With Your Blog

Ian Hollander

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In this article we are going to take a quick look at some more blog marketing tips, and examine what I believe is a SHOCKING fact that most blogs and the bloggers that run them will NEVER tell you: They are simply NOT making any money! Continue reading as I explain why. . . and how YOU can avoid this ignominious, yet easily avoidable fate. Read on.

AdSense is NOT a long term monetization strategy

The days of making big money with Google ads is over for common folks. Unless you are getting hits in the hundreds of thousands. . . . or have a very low threshold of expectation, you are NOT going to make a living off of AdSense going forward. The days of big buck clicks on your sewing blog are LONG gone. . . . and relying on this sort of conversion to generate your cash is a losing strategy you need to avoid.

Banner Ads are Really Only A Slender Shred Better

Think I'm going to tell you to put banners all over your site instead? You have me confused with someone who is willing to dole out miserable and miserly advice if you do. Simply stated, if you are going to be putting banner style ads on your site, they should be ads you are SELLING directly to your peers or related offers that your readers WILL enjoy. If you can manage your own ad network on your own virtual real estate ( and there are simple inexpensive plug ins that will do this for you easily) you are one LEG up on the rest of us.

The Real Secret is. . . .

Selling your OWN services, products or offers on your site. If not appropriate for your market, you should be collecting names and doing traditional direct response marketing to your blog visitors INSTEAD of running banners that will invariably convert at percentages lower than my chances of getting a date with Megan Fox this summer. (which aren't great)

Every pixel you can control on your site that encourages people to PARTICIPATE in your list, to subscribe to your RSS feed, to download a free report, etc. . . should be looked at as a GOLDEN opportunity to build a REAL business that you can hold, touch and FEEL. . . rather than a fleeting commission which has NO long term value!

Want to see how I make money Blogging?

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Blog Marketing - How To Generate Crowds Of Free Traffic To Your Blog!
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