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3 Mistakes Most Bloggers Make How to Turn Your Blog Into a Cash Cow Overnight

Ian Hollander

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One of the most frustrating things I see people do when starting a blog is sell out. I mean, we all sell out in one way or another in this life, why do it on your blog. . :-)? The truth is, with so much misinformation about how to REALLY make money from blogging, it's no wonder that people are simply throwing in the towel a month or two in after NOT making one cold hard nickel for All of their big buck blogging ambitions. If you allow me, I'm going to give you a few things NOT to do, and show you how to turn the whole thing around HARD and in a hurry! Read on. . :-)

Don't Worry About Your “Template"

If there is one thing that simply BORES me to tears when working with a new client, it's all of the discussion about picking the perfect template for your blog from an aesthetics standpoint. People really don't care about your magazine style layout folks. It does NOT make more money. Good content does - and quite frankly, good content is OFTEN wrapped in an ugly package. Words bring people back - layouts don't.

Stop with the Google Ads

AdSense monetization strategies that TRULY worked for grassroots bloggers went out of style around the same time as Britney Spears was a role model for 16 year old girls everywhere. And if you haven't been watching a lot of TV - that was a while ago. . :-) Unless you are getting 6 figures of traffic (or more) per month, AdSense is NOT a long term plan for retiring early.

Specificity Sells - if it's NOT relevant, remove it

You know all of those cute little button ads that fit perfectly in your sidebar that you're so proud of? Get rid of them. Unless they are HYPER relevant to your audience ( i. e. - you are penning a blog on hosting services and you've got 6 rotating hosting ads) people simply don't click them often, and when they DO. . . they don't convert much. Average conversions on these affiliate programs are about 1% or less ONCE your visitor hits THEIR page. . . . . and if you've got 6 ads to pick from, mathematically the whole thing becomes a loser fast.

Turn it Around with Ease: You are the MASTER of your own domain

Sell yourself. Every pixel, every ounce of virtual real estate that you control is an opportunity to sell your RSS feed subscription, an OPT in form ( the very BEST form of blogging flattery) a white paper, a free download, a phone number to call, a free quote, etc. Find a way to sell your OWN services, to your OWN readers, and you will make a killing, I promise!

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