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Why a Blog? What are my reasons for a Blog? Is a Blog worthwhile?

Bryan Bracken

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Blogs, Blogs and more Blogs, they keep adding up. Some have very useful information and some have very useless and uninformed information while others are just advertisements trying to get you to click on “Google Adsense Ads" so they can make a penny or two.

Why a Blog?

There are a number of reasons why a person would like a blog some are:

  • They enjoy to write about almost anything and it is an outlet to receive comments about their work.
  • You have the environmentalist - Tree hugger to get the word out.
  • You have the opportunist and the only reason they have a blog is to get your tightly packed away money. Not really worried about whether or not the product is of any real value.
  • Social butterfly who wants to be liked by all.
  • Businesses to get the word out about their great ( sometimes great ) service and products.
  • Charities who want your money to improve something.
  • The exploiter. Separating you from your money or something worse.
  • The scam artist. Separating you from your money.
  • Newsletters and so forth and the list goes on and on.
What are my reasons for a Blog?

The reasons for a blog are as numerous as the imaginations of the billions of people on the planet earth but I will give you my reasons for this blog.

  1. It gives me a creative outlet for my writing (no matter how poor it is. )
  2. I can show off my photographs.
  3. Hopefully some of the information on this blog is of value to the community.
  4. Make a little bit of extra pocket change.
  5. To hear what others have to say about what I say and about my blog when they make a comment.
Is a Blog worthwhile?

Yes and no. If the blog creates in you a desire to constantly be checking the blog, writing articles and losing time with more important things such as family, looking at the flowers then my answer is a resounding: NO

If though you have a community conscience and want to help the average individual and still have the time to care for important items then: Why Not Have a Blog?

Hopefully this short article will be of help to you when deciding to have a blog or not.

Author: Bryan Bracken -

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