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Setting Up Your Blog As The Hub For Your Online Business


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I would imagine what is going through many people minds reading this article is “What the heck is a blub?"

Easy enough, a “blub" is merely a term coined as using a person's “blog" as being somewhat a central point for one's online business which is commonly known as their “hub". The simple and straight forward reason for this is that many people often do not think of their blog as really being a place in which much of their business can be centralized.

Blogs can make a great place for having a centralized point because it gives a lot of interaction between customers and subscribers of a business’ or marketers list a place to communicate directly on a more personal level. Many people go there to seek advice, or ask questions of the expert or product owner and get to know and trust them in a much more personal environment.

For the blog owner it gives him/her a great opportunity to brand themselves as experts in their field. A lot of the time, readers of certain blogs are looking to the owners for answers to certain questions. There is no better place than a blog to get the feeling of some good “one to one" interaction with your audience.

I don't know if you've noticed or not but in 2007 we saw more and more top marketers utilize their blogs in some amazing ways. They have used them for introducing videos, or audios, in the whole process of creating buzz for their new and upcoming projects and products. It's become a medium that is being utilized more and more because of the level of comfort it brings between themselves, and their fans, or readers.

Targeting your traffic to your blog in which you are using as a hub for your business is very important, and there are a few tools available recently that help in this regard hugely. Until recently most of these tools could not find blogs that weren't using “no follow" tags in their pages. Wordpress blogs hosted on the company's servers have always carried the tags and it wouldn't do any good in terms of improving your SEO posting on these blogs.

The Groovytastic Blog Digger, which is now available fixes this problem. It will seek out blogs based on keyword research, which will find not only your target market for your hub but also help because now you can get links going back to your blog, that are going to count in the search engines. The cool thing about this tool, is that it ONLY seeks out blogs that don't use the “no follow" tags. The guess work of whether you are visiting a blog that is going to help with your rankings is gone. It's a great tool to be using for finding the right customers in the right places.

One of the absolute best ways in which I've personally found to use my blog is for helping train other people in areas in which they have interest. Of course this may not work for all niches, but for me personally, I'm in the IM Niche.

Many of the readers on my blog are new to marketing online, and need a helping hand in knowing reputable sources for acquiring knowledge that will count in their efforts. It is a great way to help people, because it will save them from making a lot of the same mistakes that I have already personally been through.

It's become acutely prominent to me of just how much knowledge I actually have to share with people because of mistakes. In a sense, although not knowing at the time, my past mistakes have been an ally in terms of learning how to market. Now, because of those mistakes people can benefit. It's a great way to build trust with your readers because of what you share. It will also help you to sell more products because the trust you have built up, goes a long ways in terms of them purchasing your recommendations.

Using your blog as the hub for your online business gives you the chance to brand yourself as the expert in your chosen niche. Now is the time to begin to utilize your blog in this way. It will serve you well for many years to come!

Davin Ogden owns and operates several websites on the internet. He enjoys and recommends using Viral Marketing Strategies whenever possible. You can download a free report and check out The Blog Digger here.


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